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A Gift We Only Get Once
A Gift We Only Get Once

A Gift We Only Get Once

I was ranting about something a career politician from an oil baron family said in response to Pope Francis’ encyclical on the climate and the need for nations to take action to care for the planet and all living upon it. The oil baron said that climate change, while he acknowledged its existence, was a political issue which the pope should essentially stay out of.

Of course, as an earth-liver and lover, I was immediately upset by that most ignorant statement. Nature and science are not political. Politics, driven by corporate interests and money, take those things and make them a political issue. Of course a high-ranking member of a family who has made their fortune from oil and politics is going to say that.

In my rancor, I wrote this (with a few choice words thrown in before), “Human responsibility is not an agenda. It’s a gift which won’t be offered twice.”

I do not align with any particular religion. I cull pieces of personal truth and connection from almost all of them. I do, however, feel this pope has been a mouthpiece for much truth, and I often find myself in agreement with him. Of course, don’t get me wrong. He is part of the Catholic faith, so he continues to instill certain dogma I don’t agree with, but I find him to be a refreshing voice for positive change in the world.


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