Your Tarot Reading: “What Should I Ask?”

Almost every live/recorded reading I do is a Tree of Now (snapshot) of the querent’s life. After the snapshot, if there is time, I open the reading up for more specific inquiry. Most often, the main reading answers quite a bit through validation of feelings and situations, but I find that many people are often stumped for a specific question.

Here’s something to keep in mind: because I believe in a universal “free will”, the information coming through in my readings will not tell you, “Yes. Do this.” or “No. Don’t do that.”  A reading with me will give you the Truth of what you’re working with and where it will lead. In the end, getting a more specific answer requires specificity in the question.

Recently, a friend with my Phoenix Tarot Talk meetup brought in a copy of “Effective Tarot Questions” which she found on the internet. I thought these were brilliant and figured this could be very helpful for those I read for. I have begun using these in my personal readings, and I find them to be quite well-phrased when working with the cards.

From the ArcaneMysteries Tumblr Account

From the ArcaneMysteries Tumblr Account


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