Know Your Ignorance

Embrace your ignorance! (But please don’t do it by putting yourself or others in harm’s way.) To learn, to grow, you have to KNOW there is an ignorance within that can only be filled through knowledge. You needn’t only bury your face in books to gain knowledge. Learning is brought by  being open to the lives and experiences of others (humans, animals, plants, etc…). It’s being open to creative processes and ideas that were previously unknown to you. Experience and knowledge go hand-in-hand; it’s why so many studies have proven that those who travel abroad, exposed to other/different cultures from their own, tend to be smarter, often leading more enriching lives. You needn’t be a world traveler to be smart. You just have to be open to learning something new. I’ve always said the best teachers are also the best students. Knowledge is not finite. There is always something new to learn, but you can’t walk through the Door of Knowledge until you recognize your own ignorance.


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