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Weekly Tarot Reading – Sunday, July 10, 2016
Weekly Tarot Reading – Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekly Tarot Reading – Sunday, July 10, 2016

I have used this reading in my personal practice for many, many years. I used to take Sunday as a day of meditation and prayer (and overall “gentleness” with the self and the Self), and I would do a weekly card reading for my upcoming week. I figured I could try to remember to send out a 4-card reading once a week; especially since I’m not so great at getting my dailies out on Instagram. (Thank you in advance for your forgiveness of my somewhat undisciplined nature. I’m working on it.)

Here is this week’s reading.

Card 1 – Where we have come from
Nine of Cups 
You would think, based on the worldwide events last week that we would be coming from a place of fear and hate. In fact, this card represents a fulfillment of goals and desires, dreams coming true, satisfaction, happiness, and peace. It’s a time of fruition, overflowing with love from the heart and soul. This card represents exactly what occurred last week. There was an expansion of emotion, inspiration, spirituality, intuition, and most of all, LOVE. Love poured out of so many people, in direct opposition to the chaos and transition (beginnings and endings) which can cause frustration, pain, and even hate. The energy here is about opening to love.

Card 2 – Where we are
7 of Cups
Dreams are an important part of creation. You must dream it before it can become manifest. This is a time of intense desire, a time for dreaming, and a time to nurture those things. You may feel as if there are so many choices, when in fact, upon further reflection, some of those “choices” are delusions of the imagination. If taken to the extreme, the energies of this card represent laziness, procrastination, and overindulgence. It’s a time for seeking options and alternatives, but we should relax and be realistic, using common sense and not blowing things out of proportion. If the desire is intense enough, action will be taken to bring it about.

Card 3 – Where we are headed (should we not use freedom of choice to change direction)
Knight (Prince) of Swords
This guy. He’s got a weapon in each hand. He’s ready to cut somebody down, but only for the good of all. He brings change which often causes emotional discomfort because he asks that we abandon overindulging in emotions. There needs to be a careful review and reevaluation of motives and thoughts. The suit of swords is aligned with emotional struggle and strife but also the intellect and keen ability to reason. This knight is a move toward intellectual processes and communication. It’s a move toward reason, but it often only comes after a rude awakening. Things come under scrutiny and review. It’s time to cut things out of our lives which no longer serve the highest good for all involved, but we’re also reminded not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Card 4 – This is founded upon…
2 of Swords
Wow. In my most recent notes on this card I wrote, “Looking for peace of mind.” The meaning of this card is often denial, blocked emotion, hiding stress, defensiveness, avoidance, refusing to decide or act, and a general stalemate in affairs. There is an inability to change the situation. A new approach is needed. Emotions are involved causing difficulty with decision-making. The answer to all of this is the use of logic. There is a need for greater balance with the intellectual life. This card tells us there is conflict in stalemate and there can be peace through truce. We can’t hide from making a decision and taking action. It won’t go away. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and make decisions with the best intentions and awareness of consequences.

Deck: “Tarot of the Sephiroth” by Dan Staroff
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