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Weekly Tarot Reading – Sunday, July 24, 2016
Weekly Tarot Reading – Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly Tarot Reading – Sunday, July 24, 2016

While I was writing up this reading, I checked out the birthdays for the 2 major-party presidential nominees. I found it interesting that both Trump and Pence are Gemini (air signs, born in June), and Clinton and Kaine are both water signs (Scorpio and Pisces respectively). Armed with that information, but hopefully not blinded by it, read on for this week’s Tarot reading. (picture below)

Card 1 – Where we have come from
 The Lovers

This card not only represents the union between two people, but also choices being made because action or a decision is needed for the health of the relationship. The Lovers card indicates values aligning with another (or others), especially in unions of veritable opposites. We have the choice to form healthy relationships, to create with others. We are all co-creators in this plane of existence, and we may choose to combine, blend, and work with others’ energies. This is an opportunity to advance a relationship through choice. (As an additional “layer” of meaning, this card is associated with Gemini energy)

Card 2 – Where we are
Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups next to The Lovers is usually a strong indication of emotional (relationship and even spiritual) choices being made. This Queen represents the Mother of Creation, a mother’s love, and the maternal instinct. She is attuned to tidal motion, inspiration, and emotion. She asks that we use our emotions to our advantage, and we should feel safe asserting intuition and feeling with control (out of control feelings and intuition can lead us astray). When was the last time you trusted your gut? I like the way this deck, “Tarot of the Sephiroth”, portrays this queen. She is  immersed in water (emotion and spirit), but she is not drowning in it. She is very much in control of the flow.

As an added layer, this card is Donald Trump’s court card by birth (anybody born June 11 – July 11. He is a Gemini, born June 14).  This is also Hillary Clinton’s card by sign (She is a Scorpio, and the Queen of Cups often represents a mature, water sign female). So let’s talk about some of the traits those born under this card’s influence may represent.
POSITIVE: Good-natured, intuitive, spiritual, imaginative, poetic, sociable, caring
NEGATIVE: Drama queen, overemotional, coquettish (though this could be a nice trait depending on the moment), ignorant (failing to see the reasoned forest, for the emotional trees)
This person is very sensitive, and while probably quite intelligent, she often relies on emotions and/or gut instinct when making decisions. Her perception can help her to see ahead. She can be very nurturing and protective, caring for others when called to do so. She may be difficult to approach at first; however, she will help once her confidence is won. If her energy is manifested negatively, her nurturing side becomes twisted, affecting her closest relationships as she may seem fickle, moody, irrational, and secretive. When called out, she could explode, fracturing relationships. She needs to work on her understanding of other’s needs, and commit to her spiritual well-being for true happiness.

Card 3 – Where we are headed (should we not use freedom of choice to change direction)
2 of Wands

This is a card of boldness, authority, commanding attention, and/or gaining respect. It’s making a move, taking a risk, facing your fears, and seizing the day! Wands are the suit of manifesting, those things we create in our world. The 2 of Wands indicates a balance of polarities, a fair and equitable exchange of energy as you combine your vitality with another (others). It’s time for some originality and confidence, coupled with ambition. The typical keyword for this card is “dominion”, becoming the master (or mistress) of your domain, often through partnership with others. It’s time to turn ideas into action by expanding horizons. (As an added layer, this card is energized with the sign of Aries)

Card 4 – This is founded upon…
4 of Wands

Freedom. This card often symbolizes a celebration with an anniversary, milestone or other event. It brings with it a feeling of triumph after breaking the bonds that bind us to unhealthy relationships, attitudes, and old ways of thinking. The 4 of Wands brings harmony, balance, peace, and joy after effort or difficulty. It’s an opportunity to cut loos, break free, relish the moment and excitement. Now is the perfect opportunity to re-energize dreams and desires. This can lead to a successful completion, or advancement to the next stage after overcoming challenges and/or mistakes. (Like the 2 of Wands, this card also has Aries energy associated with it.)

Deck: "Tarot of the Sephiroth" by Dan Staroff
Deck: “Tarot of the Sephiroth” by Dan Staroff
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