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Talking to the Dead
Talking to the Dead

Talking to the Dead

I haven’t written much by way of new posts here in the past couple of years. I went back to work at the travel agency because the money was good and benefits were great. My heart and soul are with helping people spiritually through my intensive card readings and now, through mediumship and psychic messages. I’ve been getting messages from the dead, here and there, for several years. It began with my friend’s mom coming through about 14 years ago. I was sitting on a bus, heading to my job, and for 3 days in a row, I kept feeling/hearing (no other way to explain it) that “She needs to know I’m with her”. Keep in mind, I had JUST met this friend only a couple of months prior, but after 3 days of this, I finally called her when I got to work. I said, “Look. I know I probably sound like a crazy person, but I feel like your mom’s trying to send you a message.”  She began crying, and kind of lightly laughing, as she told me that, for the past 3 days, she had been holed up alone in her apartment, missing her mother and writing letters to her.

Back up a few years prior to that. I had just begun what I call my “spiritual transformation”. I had picked up a deck of cards, and I was off and running. I voraciously read about religion, philosophy, and belief systems. I was doing readings for myself every single day. I was really good with the cards, and I most humbly submit that, from the time I began using them, the information coming through has not been wrong. I’m a conduit for Universal energy. Not every card reader is a medium or psychic, and not every medium can read cards. It just so happens my journey began with the cards (and they’re still my strongest tool).

Since my friend’s mom came through, I’ve received messages over the years from different loved ones of my friends/family. They were usually quite short but accurate. I would reach out to a cousin just as she was thinking about her mother. I would contact a friend with a random message like, “He says to buy your child the cool shoes”. These messages don’t usually mean anything to me, but they’e significant for the person I give them to. I was finally tired of not having control over these things, so this September, I began an intuitive studies and mediumship class. It has opened up an entirely new world for me. My teacher, Terri Tucker, is an amazing psychic instructor and medium. She has helped me to realize that I’m clairvoyant (I see pictures in my mind’s eye), clairaudient (I “hear” messages), and claircognizant (I just know things). We would have to do weekly psychic readings with our classmates (and sometimes Terri) for homework. I feel like, if I were to be graded on it, I’d be given an “A”. Again, I submit this most humbly because I feel like, at the age of 48, I finally truly know what my calling is.

I’m still learning to understand my symbols that come through. For instance, I get a lot of “like this, but not this” messages. I had a woman’s grandfather who came through. He kept showing me a bow tie, but said “like this, but not like this”. It turns out, he was never without his BOLO tie. I’m also still working on trying to figure which side of the family the spirit is on (i.e. grandmother on father’s side). I’m not so good at that part yet. I just get things like “grandmother energy” or “father energy”. But the messages in between seem to be pretty relevant. I also ask that they give me evidence that I couldn’t possibly know. This is called “evidential mediumship”. It helps the person to understand that I am actually bringing through their loved one because the loved one is sharing information that I couldn’t be privy to. Case in point: “The cool shoes”. My friend’s husband came through this past August. She has an 8-year-old son. His message was, “Tell her to get him the cool shoes. The cool shoes. She needs to buy him the cool shoes.” When I asked her about it, she told me that, earlier that day, she had spoken with a co-worker about the fact that her son wasn’t growing as fast.  His school uniforms still fit him, so she was thinking of buying him some “cool shoes”, letting him pick them out. Only she and her co-worker were privy to this information, and she said her terminology was “cool shoes”. Her husband came through with it as evidence that he is still with them.

More recently, in practice sessions with friends and acquaintances, I have received the gift of interacting with young, pure souls. These are children who were miscarried, aborted, or passed within hours of birth. They are like beautiful balls of light energy which radiate PURE LOVE. (By the way, abortion doesn’t adversely effect the soul of the child or the mother; however, the mother may wrestle with her own feelings of guilt or society-induced “sin”.) So far, in what I’ve seen, those little souls are never alone. They are always attached to a family member who passed before them, such as a grandparent. They can often be looked upon as “Guardian Angels” for other siblings and even their parents. They are unadulterated perfection.

Through my classes, I have also come into contact with my “healing guide”. This energy steps into most of my readings at the end (unless there is a pressing medical issue that takes up the entire reading). Apparently, I have the ability to work with this guide to check out the chakra health and even pick up on certain health issues of the body. I can’t/don’t/won’t give medical diagnosis or therapy, but I can pick up on issues which should be addressed. Most recently, my daughter was going through severe allergy issues. Her eyes were horribly dry, red, and aching constantly. She also became photosensitive. I felt my healing guide step in one night and he told me to have take green tea bags, steeped and slightly cooled, and place them on her eyes for 10 – 15 minutes. Before doing this, we made sure to look it up to confirm it was a “thing” and also to confirm it wasn’t unhealthy or dangerous. Turns out, it is a thing, and it brought her a bit of relief.

My children, seeing what I’m doing, and reading the feedback along with me, believe this is my path. My cousins and friends are also on board. My parents and older relatives are a little “hmmmmmm” about this work, but they see it brings me fulfillment and joy. So I guess they’re on board, too.

I need the practice, and I hope to be able to offer my services in the future. Right now, I’m just enjoying the practice, and the blessing of this path.

This is my life, and it’s what I’m meant to do. I’m 48, and I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.


If you’re interested in my teacher, Terri Tucker, and her gifts, you can read more and make appointments with her at

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