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Death as Death

I found out a friend passed a couple of days ago. We weren’t very close, but we bonded over mediumship, specifically a medium we both followed. After seeing a comment of mine, she came to me for her very first psychic/Tarot reading. I found out that she was going through an intense “spiritual conversion” of sorts. She was becoming more interested in spiritualism, psychic understanding, and mediumship. She had been brought up in a strict religious home with a preacher father, so legitimate spiritually-based psychic work was a whole new world for her. We became friends after her first reading, but I was never able to spend as much time with her as I think she would have liked. I was going through my own “leveling up” at the time (just like now).

Screenshot of her 2018 reading.

After we became friends, she would always get an annual Tarot reading from me, but I hadn’t spoken with her in about a year. I emailed her in December, 2017 with her reading. Sometimes I would get information to share with her after channeling. A couple of years ago some stuff came through about her heart chakra (the organs in the area, the emotional heart, etc…) I warned her to have a care for her physical and emotional health in that area. She said her heart was fine at the time, but I kept seeing something “off”.

She died on May 9, 2018. I wasn’t sad upon hearing the news. Knowing what I know about the everlasting validity of the soul, I just can’t feel bad for a soul returning to it’s true essence after experiencing this physical space/time. Her journey the past few years prepared her for this. From what I understand, the medium we met through, heard from her within hours of her passing. I know her soul lives, and she is free of the heaviness that eventually overtakes us in this earthly plane. I know she is healing from the emotional pain and difficulty she endured in this life. My hope and message for her is that she finds peace and lightness of being, and I thank her for the honor of sharing her energy before, and now.

I believe I heard from her this evening. As a matter of fact, I know I did. She popped into my head, and I was shown her death was from something in the heart/chest — difficulty breathing at the end. I was also compelled to check her annual reading for this year, and there it was. The second card (of 3) in the month of May. DEATH.

Death (Scorpio). TRANSITION. Keywords: ending, parting ways, completed chapter, elimination, transition, rebirth, fate, the inevitable. There could be a feeling of moving into unknown territory, experiencing grief as you leave old ways behind. Death is an important ending initiating great change, and it is inevitable. When things become difficult, remember that there is no growth in “the comfort zone”. As such, this is a time of “growing pains” and releasing energy for that growth. The transition may feel necessary, often forced through circumstance. It’s not so much “death” as REBIRTH! Death can allow you to leave the past behind and open to new opportunities. Clear away the old, so there is room for something new. Allow this transformation to unfold. Endings and loss open new chapters in our life. Try to get closure, move on, and prepare to grow in this process.

It is incredibly rare that the Death card will portend a physical death in my readings. More often it is a transformation of the spirit, emotions, and relationships. In this case, Death is death. Thing is… there are 22 more cards following this card through the year. What does that mean? Is it just space-filler? Is it the transitory states of her soul? Her body? Or is it some other existential dilemma that will remain unanswered until I, too am passed from this life?



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