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Karma May Be a Bitch, But I’m Not.
Karma May Be a Bitch, But I’m Not.

Karma May Be a Bitch, But I’m Not.

I’ve been so grateful in getting more and more people allowing me to read their Tarot (some also allow me to practice my psychic and mediumship skills), and my ratings have been 5-star across the normal review platforms, like Google and Yelp, for months with few, but legitimate, responses. 

Last Monday morning I woke to find a new Google review posted at 6:00 AM. The review was 1-star and indicated that I use “cold reading” techniques, that I am basically a charlatan, and others should not seek spiritual advice from me.

I kept scratching my head because I’ve never encountered a disgruntled client who was so put off by what I do that they would give me 1-star. I also didn’t have a client whose identity matched the Google poster; nor, any person who uses my nickname (reserved for friends and colleagues).

But I DO have a disgruntled ex-partner who has similar user names, and definitely the m.o. to do something like that. I thought he had left me alone after moving on with another woman and new life 9 months ago. Apparently he hasn’t moved on, and he thinks about me often enough to drop a bit of hate on my reputation. 

I recognized the post, and poster, for what they were, and I immediately responded with a respectful acknowledgement of their review. Writings I found in his room after his departure indicate he thought the worst of me before he left, and he projected quite a bit of ill-intent on my part. Interestingly, every person I know, except for him, wouldn’t believe I have an ill-intended bone in my body. The reason is that I’ve learned the lessons of karmic return in my lifetime. I would not intentionally hurt anyone at this point in my life because I don’t wish to cause suffering to another, nor do I wish to suffer the consequences of such ill-advised behavior. But his intent with his review was to harm me, my business, and my reputation in some way. 

Luckily, I have interacted with many, many more positive people in my life and touched them through my readings and spiritual work. I rallied the troops and posted out to my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, “If you have received a legitimate Tarot or psychic reading from me, please post a review on Google or Yelp to help offset the imbalance this one, negative, fake review has created.”

By the end of that day, I had so many 5-star reviews from people I have helped over the years through my work. I actually felt psychically-buoyed and confident in my abilities after reading about the work and love I have shared with others over the years. I have suffered from a lack of confidence in my psychic work as I learn to understand and interpret the messages I see, hear, and feel. The positive messages from clients and friends really catapulted me back into a strong position of understanding. I saw and felt so much love pouring out for me, and my skills, in one place.

Granted, all those reviews in one day will likely appear suspect, but I can honestly say they are each valid, relevant, and thankfully true. They really did correct the imbalance the negative review might’ve created had any of his words rang true. Lucky for me, everyone who gets a reading from me knows the Truth. 

Karma really CAN be a bitch. Do I wish bad things upon him? Heck no. Do I wish good things for him? Meh. I wish all people would simply pursue their happiness without harming others along the way. I felt a lot of love and confidence after his post, so I’m thankful for the outcome. When you’re good to people, when you’re a good person, nothing, not even a false negative review, can keep you down. 

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