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Dancing Monkey Syndrome
Dancing Monkey Syndrome

Dancing Monkey Syndrome

Don’t get mad that I don’t wish to work during my “down time”, hanging out with friends. I see why so many people want to stay in the “psychic closet”. Once the norms hear you mention that you’re psychic, they either get excited and want you to read them, or they insist you prove yourself because they don’t believe you or the idea of psychicism. My answer is always, “Thank you for not being one of the blind faithful. You will need to experience it for yourself sometime if you’re drawn to do so.” And for those require a bit more force, “I don’t ask you to do whatever it is you do at your job when you’re off.”

“Oh, but it’s a gift! You’re supposed to share it.”

Look. Whatever ability you have to make the world a better place, while also providing for yourself, is always a gift and should be treated as such. That also includes stepping away from it for some downtime so you can remain in gratitude of that gift.

I’m not a dancing monkey, hoping if I please you enough, you’ll throw cash my way. I charge for my services, like any job, because I’m using my energy (a great deal of it) to work as a psychic Tarot reader. And when I’m not working as a psychic, I’m not inclined to “prove” my skills to anyone.

That’s like meeting Bob the accountant at a party. “Hey Bob! Can you REALLY crunch numbers the way Susan says you can? Prove it. Do my taxes right here, right now!”

Admittedly, I have attended parties and gatherings in the past where I was asked what I do, and (especially when I didn’t know the people in attendance) telling them I’m a psychic was an interesting ice-breaker. I’ve even found myself putting on my monkey suit, so I could share information all about them based on their day of birth (i.e. “You’re born on August 3, so you’re a Leo, born in the 2nd decan of Leo. That makes you the 6 of Wands, the Knight of Wands, and Strength. You likely find success through sheer will and patience… blah, blah, blah…” Because people love to hear about themselves, it’s easy to talk to a room full of strangers in this way. But I have had it blow back at me when I ended up with a line of 10 people asking (no telling) me to, “Do me! Do me next!” 

So now I tend to keep my psychic on the down-low, even at parties full of strangers, because sometimes I just like to relax with a cocktail (I don’t drink and read for others) and random social banter. So when asked what I do, I sometimes revert to my “day job” of corporate travel agent. Of course that comes with it’s own set of questions like, “Oh! Can you get me a discount?” – LOL

I ask my loved ones and followers to use their own common sense and courtesy. If you meet a psychic at a party, don’t ask them to read your palm. That’s my favorite. A person I’ve never met before finds out I read cards, and then holds out their hand exclaiming, “Oh! You read cards? Can you read my palm?” Just be cool. If it’s pressing enough, they will be compelled to read for you. If you’re interested enough, you’ll be compelled to seek them out later for a more personal experience. 

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