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Being Good in Bad Times
Being Good in Bad Times

Being Good in Bad Times

The last 2 times (just before Arizona’s “stay-at-home” order), I went to a coffee shop drive-thru, I pulled up to pay just to be told the car ahead of me paid for my coffee. So, of course, I paid for the person behind me (after making sure it wasn’t too much money because my hours had already been cut at my travel agency job, and I just couldn’t afford a carload of $6 drinks when my coffee is only $3).

I’ve seen so many amazing things during this pandemic. Of course it begins with our doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and all of those health workers on the “front lines.” While others are running in the opposite direction, they are suiting up and facing this virus everyday. For them, I send out prayers of love and health.

From my spiritually-sheltered perspective, I’ve seen a lot of good happening as people come together to make PPE’s (facemasks, etc…) and keeping people fed. And the cool thing is that being good to each other, ensuring we’re taking care of each other, puts a salve on the spiritual wound of humanity.

You don’t have to buy coffee or spend money to be good during this time. You can let an elderly person cut in line in front of you at the market, you can waive to your neighbors on walks, you can check in on your older neighbors, you can smile at others, and generally bring good cheer.

As our planet heals, and our collective humanity goes through this transformation, remember to be kind; not only to others, but also to yourself. Treat yourself well, expand your horizons by learning something new – maybe a new language (I use Duolingo for learning Spanish) or a new hobby. Hey! You could learn Tarot or something else to help you elevate your mind and spirit.

Know that we’re in this together because this virus does not choose rich, poor, white or dark (though we have to admit our US healthcare system does not favor the poor, so they will have much higher casualties). It does seem to have a penchant for going after our wise ones, our elderly, more than others. So please, please make sure you’re taking extra care of them by staying at home and bettering yourself for a new world to emerge.

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