Psychic: The Friend You Keep in the Closet

Tarot Reader: The Friend You Can’t Network
or Spiritual Advisor: Your Dirty Little Secret

“Hi! This is my friend __________, the nurse (yoga instructor, nutritionist, real estate agent, teacher, burger flipper…).” I can’t recall a time when I was introduced as, “my friend Elizabeth, the psychic.” I’m the unnetworkable friend. If I were introduced to people like that, it would open up a whole can of explanations. Me, having to explain my work to a skeptic, atheist, or religious person, and then the person introducing me might have some explaining to do, too. “You really believe in that?”

I have been blessed to have met many people in my life, and I love sharing what I do because I know it helps to lighten the spiritual and mental load people collect every day of their lives. I’m proud of my work because I’m good at it. It’s the one thing I’ve stuck with for almost 20 years. I have practiced and read books and cards for countless hours, taken copious notes, and (prematurely) released a couple of books which I’m now revisiting as I find time.

I average 5-star reviews, and I’ve been told my readings have actually changed people’s energy. They can often experience a “lightness of being” after a reading with me. So why do I not have more page likes on my Facebook page (less than half my friends from my personal page like my professional FB page). The answer is simple. I’ve been told, “I can’t like your page without having to explain it to my (fill in the blank with mother, parents, friends, co-workers, church members, atheist friends, etc…).”

Even in 2020, my work is still associated, by many, with the occult and back-room fortune telling bordering on charlatanism. There are cards for the Devil and Death in my decks; therefore, I must working with something outside of a God-centered Universe (or as is the case with many skeptics and atheists, I must just be making shit up). There is still such a stigma associated with the “fortune tellers of yore” that to utter “my friend the Tarot reader” could get you  kicked out of a social club or even killed today (I probably exaggerated a bit on that last part).

I feel like the cool, gay uncle from the 1950’s. Everybody in the family loves him, he’s got great style and knows how to have a good time, but we can’t tell anybody about him because it will reflect poorly on us. Or we might have to make excuses and explain his great personal attributes and contributions to the world.

I get it. There are so many people who are ignorant to what I do, that to tell them you’re seeing me could make you look like a fool (not The Fool from the deck, just a big dummy). In fact, those who have received readings from me, know without doubt there is nothing but the highest good, Truth and light in what I do. Why wouldn’t you want to share that with others?

No matter. I know my value and my worth, and I know my work is absolutely top-notch. So even if my friends don’t want to admit they know me and use my services regularly, there are so many others out there right now who would be happy to have a psychic friend on their side. So let’s jump feet first into an (r)evolution where people aren’t judged or maligned for doing spiritual work that is only for the highest good of those they work with.

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