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Practical Tarot Questions
Practical Tarot Questions

Practical Tarot Questions

I’m getting more followers through my social media accounts, and I’ve had several new Tarot readers reach out about asking effective, practical, constructive Tarot questions for their readings. I have compiled a downloadable/printable list (below) that I’ve used with clients over the years.

Practical and effective questions can make the difference between getting a reading which helps us on our journey to self-improvement and evolution or one that hinders that journey.

  • Use open-ended questions versus yes/no. “Will I win the lottery?” won’t give the more in-depth answer that “How can I get more money?” will reveal.
  • Keep the question focused on you (or client/friend you’re reading for). We should never read someone who is not present to give permission, and other people are simply an “unknown”. Instead of asking, “Does ___ like me?” ask “What can I do to create a connection with ____?” This puts the onus back on the questioner, the person you’re reading for.
  • Ask empowering questions. Instead of “Will I get this job?” (which is still a valid 1-card pull question), you could ask “What will help me get this job?”
  • Focus on the present. The past is over with (although you can ask what you can learn from your past), and the future is not yet known. Tarot can be used for “fortune telling” the future (like in my weekly or annual readings), but it’s really best used when focusing on things you can improve here and now. Instead of asking “Did I handle this correctly?” Ask “What can I do now to improve my situation?”.
Click on the picture above to download from the media file page.

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