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It’s Okay to Let Go of Outdated Beliefs
It’s Okay to Let Go of Outdated Beliefs

It’s Okay to Let Go of Outdated Beliefs

Recently in meditation, I was shown this idea…

Sometimes we want to hold on to beliefs so tightly, wrapping them around us like a second skin. We believe, or rather know (because we’re not “knowing” anything else at the moment), that we cannot live without this layer. When in fact, we didn’t come into this life with that extra layer of skin, so instead of protecting us, an outdated belief or way of being which no longer serves our highest good (collectively and individually) becomes more like a heavy coat weighing us down on a hot summer day. It’s time to shed our skin. 

Elizabeth Seer via meditation – July 27, 2020

What does this mean? It means growth requires letting go of things that are not serving the greater good. We’re in the throes of a big growth transition right now with the global pandemic, economic uncertainty, global warming fallout, and most visible, the Black Lives Matter movement. As individuals, we can change our beliefs which will then ripple out to our community at large. Remember, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I like to swap that up a little with “Be the GOOD you wish to see in the world.”

Beliefs we can (easily?) let go of to help everyone live their best lives:

  • “We’re individual islands in the sea of life.” Replace that with, “We rely on the planet and other humans – and species – for our survival, so why not treat everything with the respect deserving of all LIFE?
  • “I only have to concern myself with me and mine.” See above.
  • “I need money to live, and I need a lot of it!” Replace that with, “The planet is abundant and serves my needs in a symbiotic relationship with all of nature especially if we all do our part.”
  • “The pandemic and/or global warming is a hoax.” Replace that with, “It’s worth listening to, and heeding the advice of, experts in these fields including medical professionals and scientists. They went to school to be the best at what they do, so what they say, especially as a large consensus, is important.”
  • “All lives matter.” Yes. We know ALL lives matter (that should be an inherent Truth for all of humanity), but I’m sure you’ve already heard the “house is on fire” analogy. If you haven’t, I’ll give a quick explanation.
    Say you live on a block of 10 houses, and one house in the middle is in flames (this represents the black community in the U.S.), but as the fire department shows up to help, you direct them to make sure ALL the houses on the block are cared for, not just the one in imminent danger. Black people account for 3% of the population, but 8% of deaths in custody. They are disproportionately killed at a rate on average 2.5 times that of those considered white Americans. In some parts of the US they are 6 times more likely to die by police. So yes. All houses on the block are important, but there is one engulfed in flames right now, and we can all help put out that fire. (If you’re interested in learning more with facts and stats, visit this site article on They cite several scientific studies on the subject, and remember, we’re replacing things like “this is a hoax” with “I should listen to learned experts who know much more than my social media friends and memes”.)

Why hold on to beliefs of separation from everyone and everything else? These are outmoded and doing nothing but keeping us from fully living our best lives individually AND collectively. Limiting, negative, egocentric, fearful, and false beliefs are the snow parka being worn in July on a walk through Death Valley. Not just for survival, but to really thrive, it’s time to remove the coat and allow ourselves to grow a little.

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