Meet Your Spirit Guide

Lately I’ve been doing videos on TikTok, teaching Tarot basics. Someone recently asked how they could better evolve their spiritual or psychic connections. My answer was that connecting with your spirit guide will help you dive deeper into psychic connections and spiritual understanding.

Well my “easy answer” turned into, “How do we meet our spirit guide?” So, I figure the best thing to do was create a guided meditation, similar to the one I did over 20 years ago to meet my guide, Shauna. I’m already receiving really positive feedback from those who have used the meditation to meet their guide(s), so if you’re interested, check out my podcast here, on Spotify, or Apple Podcast. It’s called “Personalities of the Tarot with Elizabeth Seer”, and the guided meditation is a SPECIAL EPISODE.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below if, and how, the guided meditation has helped you connect with your guide!

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