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Psychic or Tarot? Which Reading is Right for You?
Psychic or Tarot? Which Reading is Right for You?

Psychic or Tarot? Which Reading is Right for You?

I’ve had several people ask me what the difference is between my standard Tarot readings and a psychic mediumship reading, so I hope this article helps to clarify things for you.

I use Tarot in my own life to help me get clarification with questions about things like health and career. When you come to me with questions about this mundane life (love, money, career, school, health, etc…), I like using the Tarot to gauge the energy you’re working with. A card reading can tell you where you’ve been, where you are, and where you will be (if nothing changes from the time of the reading to the time of the outcome by way of free will). The cards really help you to make your own decisions, they can help talk you through crisis, and realign you with your path.

A psychic reading may incorporate several things. It can be mediumship which is when I make a connection to your loved ones on the other side. I am the type of medium who insists on bringing through “evidence” which includes confirmation of your loved one’s everlasting spark. Evidence is more than “Grandma says she loves you.” The evidence I receive often includes things which have occurred before, during, or after their death, and while those signs and symbols I’m given may not make sense to me, they normally make sense to you.

Other psychic items which come up can include chakra check-ups, and for some reason, that one comes in often when I’m reading for others. If you have any blocked chakras (energy ceneters), I may pick up on them and be able to give information on how to help unblock, cleanse, and/or activate your chakras for optimal wellness.

Do you need to make a choice on mediumship or tarot reading before your session? Not really. Lately, I’ve been incorporating both components into my reading sessions. If you want to know how to handle your recent break-up, or your new job, or whether or not the house you’re looking to buy is the best option for you, I can easily use both Tarot and psychic energy to see what you’re dealing with. As a matter of fact, I’m so connected with the Tarot, that cards will often show up in my psychic readings, in my mind’s eye, to nudge me toward certain keywords or phrases which can help a client.

With psychic readings, my suggestion has always been to leave your expectations at the door. After over 2 decades of this work, I’ve found the readings, the loved ones, and the answers that come through are meant to come through. You may come into the reading wanting to connect with your mother, and she may give us a few things. But you might also be dealing with something in the physical realm, in your life, that needs to be handled. So we may get nudged to go to the cards as we move through your session.

If you’re looking for a full mediumship reading, I can’t guarantee I will be able to connect with your loved ones, or the ones you want to connect with. I’ve had a reading where a father came through loud and clear, with solid evidence that he was still around for his daughter, only 3 weeks after he passed. I recently had a reading for someone whose significant other passed 8 weeks ago. Because of the circumstances of his tragic death, and the feelings of those he left here, there was a lot of “static” in the reading. I had a more difficult time tuning into the “psychic radio waves” of the ethereal; however, I was able to get enough information and evidence to satisfy the client. Sometimes, a grandmother will come through, when in fact, a client wants to hear from their father. And sometimes the cards will focus on your physical resources, when you really want to talk about love.

Before every reading I ask for healing and only Truth and information for the highest good come through for those I read for; therefore, you will always get what you need for healing and lightness of being.

So tarot or psychic reading? When the time comes for your reading, we’ll know what to do together, so no need to stress. Enjoy it for what it is, learn from it, grow from it, heal from it, and allow yourself to be open to the full experience of it. At the end of the day most people I read for tell me, “I just feel better” or “I feel lighter”. For me, that’s a sign of a good reading, when you feel better, lighter, or see path ahead where previously you may have only seen confusion or burden.

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