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Personalities of the Presidents
Personalities of the Presidents

Personalities of the Presidents

I have a new special episode of the “Personalities of the Tarot” podcast up now. It’s titled “Personalities of the Presidents”, and I dig into the personality of the current president (DOB: Gemini, 3rd decan, June 14) and the president-elect (DOB: Scorpio, 3rd decan, November 20). Biden is the King of Wands and the current president is the Queen of Cups. Give it a listen to learn more about their personalities (I also threw in Hillary Clinton because, like Joe Biden, she is also a Scorpio, but a different kind of Scorpio).

Also, Scorpio leads the way with 6 presidents having been born October 23 to November 22 (if we include President-elect Biden) and Aquarius has seated 5 presidents.

Presidents by sign:

Presidents by Tarot court card:

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