Card Meanings

78 Days of Tarot

I did daily Tarot card readings on my Instagram page for a time. I have the cards linked below, so you may see my personal interpretation for each.


The FoolThe MagicianThe High PriestessThe EmpressThe EmperorThe HierophantThe LoversThe ChariotStrengthThe HermitThe Wheel of FortuneJusticeThe Hanged ManDeathTemperanceThe DevilThe TowerThe StarThe MoonThe SunJudgementThe World


Ace of Wands2 of Wands 3 of Wands4 of Wands5 of Wands6 of Wands7 of Wands8 of Wands9 of Wands10 of WandsPage of WandsKnight of WandsQueen of WandsKing of Wands


Ace of Cups2 of Cups3 of Cups4 of Cups – 5 of Cups – 6 of Cups7 of Cups8 of Cups9 of Cups10 of CupsPage of CupsKnight of CupsQueen of CupsKing of Cups


Ace of Swords2 of Swords3 of Swords4 of Swords5 of Swords6 of Swords7 of Swords8 of Swords9 of Swords10 of SwordsPage of SwordsKnight of SwordsQueen of SwordsKing of Swords


Ace of Coins2 of Coins3 of Coins4 of Coins5 of Coins6 of Coins7 of Coins8 of Coins9 of Coins10 of CoinsPage of CoinsKnight of CoinsQueen of CoinsKing of Coins

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