Meditation Meme

These are the thoughts going through my head at any given time (and sometimes the thoughts of others). As I move throughout my day, I often come up with things that I need to work on in my life. Just as I stumble on important ideas or observations at the right time, maybe you are here at this moment, to read just the right phrase to help you in your day. 

My quotes from others may not always be accurate. I’m OK with that because the words I post here are appropriate for me at the time I found them.  Hopefully you won’t mind either because the Truth is found in the message, not the messenger.

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  • A Better Place

    What are you doing to improve your world? There should always be an answer,

  • A Gift We Only Get Once

    I was ranting about something a career politician from an oil baron family said

  • Are you impressing YOU?

    Is the you from yesterday going to see what the you of today has

  • Astrology for Guidance

    I found this quote in my September monthly astrology report at Susan

  • Balancing Act

    I recently returned from a trip a trip to the Caribbean with a head

  • Be Grateful for Today

    The sky, the clouds, the weather, the breath of the Earth hasn’t been, and

  • Be What You Want

    Expecting from others that which you do not offer to them is an exercise

  • Beauty in Discomfort

    A pearl, something considered beautiful, strong and worthy of jewelry, is created when a

  • Become Involved With YOU!

    Expecting others to bring you happiness is like expecting the apple on the tree

  • Belief is in the Eye of the Believer

    I failed chemistry (the teacher was boring), but I love physics – the laws

  • Better Children. Better World.

    This meme is based off the Carlos Slim quote: “It’s important to give a better

  • Boost Your Food With Prayer

    I always go back to thoughts of all beings made up of the same

  • Change is Growth

    Let’s be honest, it’s easy not to change. It’s easy just to live day-in,

  • Change Your Mind. Change Your World.

    I have people in my life who are perpetually miserable. They are in constant

  • Choose Laughter

    You can laugh or cry. Which one FEELS better?  If you find yourself contemplating the

  • Commitment to Others or the Ego?

    Commitment can be a good thing, but if the ego is involved, oftentimes there

  • Creative Reading

    Just as you care for your body with good food and exercise, you should

  • Decide or Stay the Same

    Not making a decision, refusing to make a choice, leaves you on your current path.

  • Discipline for Manifestation

    I’m a big proponent of manifesting one’s own desires. I’ve seen and lived it. I’ve

  • Do Your Actions = Love?

    When people around you are doing things out of character, you have to ask

  • Dog Lesson 1

    Your dog doesn’t sit and contemplate the make-up of the cosmos to know that

  • Dog Lesson 2: Live in the Now

    Even if they were mistreated and abused in the past, no matter the suffering

  • Dog Lesson 3: Enjoy the Simple Things

    We can learn a lot from our animal friends. Dogs can teach us about

  • Dog Lesson 4: Love is Simple
  • Dog Lesson 5: LOVE and SERVICE

    I was reading something online (and now I can’t remember where or by whom),

  • Dog Lesson 6: Bounce Back

    Dogs can teach us a lot. I watched my dog run through water yesterday. He

  • Enlightened Laughter

    I was playing with my granddaughter, Poet. We were trying on our “funstaches ,

  • Exercising Gratitude

    I took this picture of the waterfall in Waipi’o Valley (north shore of Big

  • Expect and Accept

    I know many people who become frustrated with others, when in fact, that irritation

  • Expect the Best

    My meditation today:   If everyone could look at all people, expecting

  • Experience Sweetness

    If you were raised on candy, you wouldn’t truly understand how sweet it is

  • Find Peace in Connection

    Meditating on the idea of peace, and I was reminded that it comes when

  • Forgiveness is for the Forgiver

    When I participated in Deepak Chopra’s meditation for compassion this past week, he said

  • Fresh Start

    Sleep is an emotional reset. Upon waking, the possibilities are endless. You must always remember

  • Get to that Happy Place

    Do you know the directions to Happy Place? Is it easy to navigate your

  • Get Uncomfortable for Your Dreams

    I was doing some deep thought and meditation this week on being able to

  • Gift Yourself with Gratitude

    While you’re giving gifts to others and sharing what you have during this season,

  • Gift Yourself With Happiness

    The things you do in life should be joyful; otherwise, what’s the point?  If

  • Give With Love

    Simple thought for the day: Give with love, and you will never go wrong.


  • God’s Existence Doesn’t Need You

    God’s existence (if God is described as The Creator of All That Is) does

  • Gratitude is Joy

    Often times we forget to be grateful for what we’ve got until it’s gone,

  • Growth in Change

    Growth doesn’t come without some discomfort (that’s why they call it “growing pains”).  When

  • Happiness Every Day!

    It’s that time of year when I feel especially blessed, and I like to

  • Happiness in Numbers

    It has been proven that most happy people are surrounded by friends and family,

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Meditating on my relationship with my children, I realized they are what made me learn

  • Heal Your Spirit. Heal Your Body.

    I used the image of the White Tara in this meme because she is

  • Hidden Strength

    I enjoy watching surfers, and I love and thrive being in and around the

  • How Are You Improving Your World?

    So many people think of improving their personal lives, but when asked how they

  • How Do You Handle the Turns?

    As I was driving on the freeway this morning, I noticed a sports car coming

  • How Do You Respect?

    Showing respect for yourself tells the world you are worthy of respect. While some think

  • Is Gratitude or Sadness in the Driver’s Seat?



    Everyone experiences periods when the “rougher” emotions take over. It’s OK to feel and experience

  • Joy in Existence

    Looking at others with joy is the main ingredient for a happy world.  Looking

  • Joy of Laughter

    Laughter is the physical manifestation of joy, and laughing is beneficial to both the

  • Keep What You Have Through Appreciation

    When you stop appreciating people and things in your life, they eventually just go

  • Know Your Ignorance

    Embrace your ignorance! (But please don’t do it by putting yourself or others in

  • Life is a Habit

    In essence, life is nothing but a series of habits whether biological habits (like

  • Listen to Your Heart

    Feelings and reason go hand-in-hand. We sometimes try to reason things into being even when

  • Live What You Want

    LIVE what you wish to BE. You must LIVE healthy to BE healthy. You

  • Live YOUR Life!

    Live a life that makes YOU happy. If another tells you how to be

  • Living Truth
    Why is it that the truth always seems to come out when we’re
  • Love and Hate Are Reflections of You

    I meet people who hate the world, and they blame the world for their

  • Love Honestly

    When untruths are told it is to avoid judgment or the negative reactions of

  • Love is a Verb

    Love is much better when it’s not only said but acted upon.

  • Love Thy Neighbor (for Happiness)

    You’ve won if you can hope for health and happiness for those who are

  • Love Travels Well

    I have many friends and family whom I love. I don’t always get to

  • Love YOU!

    Love begins with how we treat ourselves.  Are you showing your body the love

  • Making Room

    What is something worth if it’s not being used for, or serving its, purpose?

  • Measure Success

    Success isn’t in the kind of car you drive or the house you live

  • Music is Healthy!

    Music is good for the body and soul. The right rhythms can move your

  • Nature is Natural

    This is a simple message to get back to nature. Life, especially in western

  • Nurture Growth

    Nurture the sprout, and it will blossom as it should.  This idea has so

  • One and the Same

    Today was a meditation on opinions and perception… these are my notes:

    Everyone has an

  • Peace Begins With You

    I know I’m not the only one thinking about world peace with the insanity

  • Prayer & Meditation

    If you ask, you WILL receive. Experiencing the silence to hear just how it

  • Pursue the Nectar of Life!

    When you leave this physical world, will you be known as someone who sought

  • Pursuing a State of Being

    A pursuit is chasing after something you don’t currently have in your grasp. The problem with

  • Put Some Action Behind Those Words!

    We know words have energy, but words alone will not

  • Reason or Emotion?

    The answer is both (especially when you’re a Libra: balance, scales, fairness, etc.). Nowhere

  • Remind Yourself of You

    Many people say what they want, but they fail to appreciate what they have.

  • Respect the Whole

    My boyfriend, Mark, created this one while I was away. He feels that, if

  • Self-respect for Health

    If you find yourself dealing with difficult situations (including your health and relationships), stop

  • She’ll Tell You Everything!

    I’ve always known the Universe holds a wealth of knowledge if we only know

  • Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You (If You’re Not Creepy)

    I admit this week I haven’t been as spiritually-focused as I would hope.  At

  • Sun & Water

    It doesn’t matter if your idea of paradise differs from another. If you look

  • The Abundant Universe

    This is my – much needed – meditation for the day (week,

  • The Appearance of Wisdom

    So, I’m at that age when I stand in front of the mirror for

  • The Human Experience

    “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual

  • The Power of Forgiveness

    This is my meditation today as I ponder the idea of forgiveness and forgiving.

  • Think You’re Enlightened?

    I have an idea, a perception, of myself. I’m on a path toward enlightenment

  • Think. Good.

    Sometimes simply seeing, saying or hearing something can change your mindset. Like this:

  • Thoughts Are Electromagnetic Realities

    The science is there. Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at similar (or

  • Wanna Get High? Dig Deep.

    Yeah. It’s not what you think (click – just lost some readers). This is

  • War & Love

    While I was contemplating the abhorrence of war, I realized it is the aggressive

  • Water Energy

    Knowing that we are beings of energy, and knowing that water is a natural

  • What Are Your Priorities?

    Nobody likes that question; especially when they’re on the verge of buying something awesome

  • What is Your Image of God?

    Like Albert Einstein, I cannot imagine a God with human frailty and emotion. I

  • What Makes You Happy?

    I was listening to the Beastie Boys today, pondering the life of Adam Yauch.

  • Wishes Can Be Reality

    Wishes are reality waiting to happen. When we place our LOVING focus on a

  • Witness and be Thankful

    Gratitude is feeling joy for something. Feeling joy for something should compel you to

  • Words = Energy

    Many religious texts allude to all creation coming from The Breath (or Word) of

  • Worried or Angry? Be Grateful!

    If you are ever worried or angry, and you don’t wish to wallow or

  • Yes & No Answers

    Respect (love) yourself enough to say “no” If you are not in a place

  • You are Magical

    Being made up of the same stuff found throughout the universe, you should know

  • You Are Supported

    While a material foundation can help you through material concerns, it doesn’t necessarily help

  • You Will Always Be

    James Joule came up with the Law of Conservation of Energy. This law states that