I have a 100% satisfaction rating on both Fiverr and Groupon, Yelp, and Google (and no, my mom didn’t write any of the testimonials).  If you have received a reading, or other service, please leave your own reviews with Yelp or Google. Word-of-mouth is very important in this line of work, so I am grateful for public proclamations. 

She’s amazing! No information needed and she was right on. Thank you!!!
Fiverr User July, 2015

Absolutely wonderful experience!
April 3, 2015 (Groupon Client)

My reading from Elizabeth was incredible! I had chills the entire time – everything she said resonated in my heart. I will definitely see her again and recommend her to everyone!
Google 5-star review (May, 2018)

Elizabeth Seer is a great tarot reader. She will put you at ease, and she will explain things plainly so that you understand.  I like that she seems normal, speaks to me normally and is accurate every single time. I highly recommend her!
October 5, 2011 (Yelp! review)


  1. I love getting readings from Elizabeth every couple of months or so. Its like an emotional/spiritual flossing

  2. I met Elizabeth at a Halloween party where she was doing readings. I did not get the chance to get one that night but everybody said they were great so i went to see her the following week. She is not a fortun teller. She just tuned into me and really made me feel bettr with her validation.

  3. Want more readings but she wont let me visit every week!

    • I know you would like to come more often, but I’m not a Starbucks. hahahahaha. I prefer clients visit no more than once a month because I don’t want my services to be used as a crutch. You have to take action for yourself. Plus, it really gives you something to look forward to! See you next month!

  4. Better than any therapy session I’ve ever had. Its like you put a mirror up to me and made me look at the good and bad. I cant believe how lite I felt after the reading. It’s been a few months so Im making another appointment. Cant wait.

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