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Lenormand Seer Oracle

Lenormand Seer Oracle

The Lenormand Seer Oracle is currently in pre-production and testing, so please check back here for updates!

Check out the new Lenormand Seer Oracle Cards!

Note: in the pics below, the logo is on the back of the casting discs; however, due to “drift” (a printing term), while the front (and most important aspect) of each coin is centered, the back of the coin experiences drift (i.e. not centered); therefore, I removed it completely from the new sets. The back side is now the galaxy/cosmos picture without the Lenormand Seer logo because I didn’t like how off-center it was in the prototype (leave it to a Libra to just cut it out if it won’t balance!).

See the FAQ below for more information on this exciting new casting oracle!

Lenormand Seer Oracle FAQ

  • What is the Lenormand Seer Oracle?
    • It’s a divination oracle created using the 36 traditional symbols from the Lenormand cards plus an additional 18 symbols created by Elizabeth Seer to give you a new way to see the past, present, and future; help you see your path; and validate your intuition.
  • What is a casting oracle?
    • A casting oracle is a divination tool that can help you answer life’s questions; see into the past, present, and future; and validate your intuition. The use of bones for divination, also known as osteomancy, has been performed by different cultures all over the world for thousands of years. Bones, Rune stones, I-Ching coins, cowrie shells, lots, and charms have been used throughout history to divine answers through symbols and placement.
  • What is Lenormand?
    • Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, aka le Normand, is probably the most famous card reader of all time. Born in 1772 France, she is known to have given advice to Empress Josephine of France and Tsar Alexander I among many others. In 1845, 2 years after her death, le Normand’s name was used for the creation of 36-card deck of cards known as the “Petit Lenormand”.
  • Do I have to be psychic to use this oracle?
    • No, but divination tools and oracles can help you work on opening/expanding your intuition and psychic awareness.
  • What is a casting board, sheet, or cloth?
    • It’s a board, sheet, or cloth with words and symbols to help you interpret your oracle casts. For example: you might have YES and NO on the sheet. Maybe even a MAYBE? You might have the 4 elements represented in the corners (Air = Mentality, Earth = physical, Water = emotions, Fire=Energy/Movement). You may also try a “grid” casting sheet with different squares pertaining to different areas of life. I will be offering a 16” x 16” foldable casting board which can be purchased as part of the Deluxe Lenormand Seer Oracle set or on its own, so you can use it with just about any casting system you choose.
  • Why is there black soot around the edge of the coins when they arrive?
    • The coins are printed on a 60 point chip board and then laser cut. The laser cuts basically burn through the chip board to make them easy to “punch out”. However, the edge of the coins will have soot from this process. When you first open the box and punch out the coins, it’s a good time to become familiar with them as you wipe around the outside edge of each coin; otherwise, you’ll find (like I did!) that you’ll get your hands covered in a light black dust. I’m happy with the printing process, so until we find a different method to create this set, we’re working with a little magical soot.
  • Where can I buy the Lenormand Seer Oracle?
    • The Lenormand See Oracle should be available for purchase in early 2023. Please check back here for updates!

The Lenormand Seer Oracle is designed and written by Elizabeth Seer and produced in the USA.

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