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Lenormand Seer Oracle

Lenormand Seer Oracle

This universal oracle system will help open, engage, and validate, your own intuition. And, you have options! You can get the casting coins, the deluxe set with a casting board included, or you can choose an oracle deck of cards in a tin.

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The Lenormand Seer Oracle was created by me, Elizabeth Seer, using the original 36 symbols from the “Petite Lenormand” card deck of the late 1700’s. I added an additional 18 symbols to create the Lenormand Seer Oracle consisting of 54 images and meanings. Since I mastered the Tarot over decades, I wasn’t really interested in learning a whole new set of cards, but I absolutely loved the “fortune telling” aspect of the Lenormand deck. Where Tarot works in spiritual archetypes and even psychology, Lenormand symbols work really well with answers for our mundane world. I already enjoyed charm casting, so around 2014 or so, I ended up creating a set of 40 wooden coins with Lenormand symbols (plus my own additional 4 symbols). Creating the coins was a long, painstaking process, and there was no way I could re-create them en masse for others.

Jump to September/October 2022. I woke from a dream and decided I really wanted to elevate the idea of the casting system I had created with the Lenormand coins. So I searched for a place which might be able to help me create the oracle, and I found an independent printer/game creator which prints on demand. They also make the creation process pretty easy for me. They provided templates, and I uploaded my designs. I’m seriously thrilled with how it’s all turned out!

Honestly, if you’re interested in doing it yourself, I highly recommend creating your own casting oracle whether through a charm or disc set. But if you don’t want to do all that work, you should give my new oracle a try! Learn a new way to engage and validate your own intuition while also seeing into the past/present/future,

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