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Seer’s Casting Tarot

Seer’s Casting Tarot

Now offering the Seer’s Casting Tarot! I’ve wanted to design my own Tarot deck for over 20 years, and I finally created something which incorporates my passion for Tarot and my love of casting oracles. Seer’s Casting Tarot includes 78 casting coins, 20-page booklet (like the LWB – or little white books you get with a standard Tarot deck), and a bag. I’m also offering a great new casting board which works incredibly well with the casting coins (sold separately or save $6.99 on both by purchasing the Deluxe Edition).

The above link is to purchase directly from the print-on-demand manufacturer. You can choose from the basic set with coins, booklet, and dark blue bag or the Deluxe Edition which also includes a casting board.

I’m also offering deluxe custom sets purchased/shipped directly from me. These sets include the 78 casting coins and booklet plus a custom-printed bag and custom-printed casting cloth (same design as the casting board, but on foldable cloth which fits nicely into the bag for easy portability). You can see pics below. These sets are $60 (includes shipping in the US) and make a great gift; however, availability is very limited If you’re interested in one of these sets, please contact me directly.

How to use Seer’s Casting Tarot

  • Pull coins exactly as you would pull cards from a Tarot deck, using your regular spreads like past/present/future or the traditional Celtic Cross format. Create your own layout!
  • If you have the casting board (included with the Deluxe Edition and also sold separately), pull a coin for one or more areas on the board. You may ask, “What do I know? What do I need? What don’t I know?” And then pull coins from the bag, placing them on those particular squares on the board. Or, do a “full reading” by pulling a coin (or coins) for each square on the board.
  • Use Seer’s Casting Tarot exactly as intended, for casting. The board has YES/NO quadrants, so you may ask your Yes/No questions, close your eyes, pull a coin (or coins) from the bag and gently cast them on to the board. (Gently, enough so they stay on the board. We’re not playing dice games.) Open your eyes to see your answer. You may also ask, “What does Spirit wish to share with me?” Then look at the squares where your coins land, and interpret the symbols within those squares.
  • Finally (and one of my favorites), use this casting Tarot in addition to your Tarot cards or other oracles and divination tools to further clarify your readings.

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