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Preparing for Your Reading

Preparing for Your Reading

  • Yes! Please record your reading. Record the call and/or make sure to take notes. A day or so, sometimes hours after a reading, many people wish they had recorded their session.
  • As a matter of fact, write down a few questions BEFORE the reading, so you don’t forget what you want to ask.
  • Keep your expectations in check. This one can be difficult, but you must be open to a reading filled with truth, understanding, and healing for your highest good. You’ll be let down if you expect your Grandma Rosie to come through telling you the lottery numbers or if you want the cards to make your choice to stay or walk away. Spirit will always give you the picture of what you’re working with, but it won’t ever make your choices for you.
  • You will always receive the reading you’re meant to receive at the time you receive it. Allow it.
    • See keeping your expectations in check above.
    • Maybe you want to know about love, but Spirit keeps bringing up your work or health. This is often because you having pressing issues in other areas of your life which, when resolved and are no longer pressing, may bring you to the place you wish to be.
  • Have tissues nearby. My readings have been described as “validating”, “enlightening”, “spiritually uplifting”, “unburdening”, and even “empowering!”.  People can cry during their reading; not from bad news, but from being moved by the power of the message.
  • I am not a fortune teller. I am a spiritual advisor. As such, I will advise you on a very deep level. Many people feel transformed after a session with me. They feel “lighter” as if concerns have been lifted and become less burdensome, or a new path has been illuminated.
  • I will not confirm a pregnancy or sex of the unborn (sidenote: although, with my own family, I’ve been fairly accurate so far!)
  • Enjoy your reading! I know a lot of people are nervous when we first meet for a session. Heck, I’m nervous, too! But I promise. Nobody ever got hurt in one of my readings, so enjoy the ride!

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