Preparing for a Psychic Reading
Preparing for a Psychic Reading

Preparing for a Psychic Reading

I have a dedicated page for clients to prepare for a reading with me, but I often get asked how I prepare to conduct an intuitive reading for others. How intuitives work is really different and personalized for each individual. We all have our own rituals and methods to help us “get in the zone”. Here’s what I’ve found that really works for me.

Eat Well

In the decades I’ve been doing this work, the one thing I have to express the most is that fueling your body well is incredibly important. In the past year or so, I’ve discovered that my very best intuitive days are when I fast for my readings and eat very cleanly the day before. This means my Fridays are normally filled with mostly plant and/or fish-based foods, nothing heavy, greasy, meaty, or sugary. I will have salads, steamed and raw veggies, fruits, maybe some yogurt… I’m especially fond of Mediterranean options like stuffed grapes leaves, hummus, pita, olives, and definitely all the garlic.

While I begin my day with either black iced coffee or a cup of hot green/lemon/turmeric/ginger tea, the rest of the day is full of water. I normally drink a full 24 oz water for each reading I do (no more than 3 readings in a day), and I drink a ton of water at the end of the day. Water is a conduit for energy, and the intuitive spiritual work I do is definitely an energy mover.

I’ve found that if I don’t follow these eating/fasting rules for myself, it can be much more difficult to connect with Spirit, and it’s a big “energy suck”, making me feel depleted when I’m done.

Pray (and music and incense)

At the beginning of my reading day, I go out to my reading room and sit with my divination tools. I throw out some cards, charms, and oracles for myself. I have a great playlist of meditation music including gong and bell, nature sounds, and Gayatri Mantra playing in the background. I also light at least one candle (likely created and dressed by my friend Erika), and I light incense just outside my doors which usually always stay open when I read. I will light sage and palo santo just before connecting, and I “smoke the room” in all 4 corners while praying for the protection of Archangel Michael, the healing of Archangel Raphael, the loving embrace of The Holy Mother, and messages of Archangels Gabriel and even Metraton when I feel compelled. I ask that only those who walk in The Light be allowed to approach and that my clients and I are wrapped in a protective light throughout our time together, so that only Truth may be present.

When I first began doing this work, I would take quite a bit of time in “ritual” before readings; however, now that I have good practice sitting with my guides, Angels, and Spirit in general, I don’t necessarily need it. At the very least, I will light sage and/or palo santo to smoke/clear my area and throw out a quick prayer to Spirit.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot to breathe! I will usually do at least a round of 3 breathe in/breathe out exercises as I begin my work calling in my personal spiritual guides.


I call this the pre-reading “download”. About half-an-hour before a reading, I text my client that I will be calling in 30 minutes. I sit at my reading table with my notebook and pen and begin writing down the insights I’m offered from Spirit. The first thing I ask about is “the theme” of the reading. It’s usually one word like Love, Job, Money… If it’s love, sometimes I’ll see a broken heart, so I draw a heart with a jagged line down the middle. I had a reading where I wrote Love for the theme, but then “commitment” right after. The reading was all about staying or leaving a particular relationship. I will sometimes throw out charms, oracles, or cards to get as much information as possible. The cool thing is that spirit also shows me tarot cards in my mind’s eye along with other symbols and messages.

I will ask if a loved one of the client from The Other side would like to present themselves. I’ll write down some basics, but I typically don’t delve deep into mediumship pre-reading without the client’s permission.

Finally, I’ll ask about chakras. I’m normally shown a color which correlates to a specific chakra, and then I’m given messages about the “problems” for that energy center and from where those issues stem. Sometimes chakra issues will present in physical problems that should be addressed as well.

I love putting in the work for this Work.

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