The Perfect Souls of Babies and the Unborn
The Perfect Souls of Babies and the Unborn

The Perfect Souls of Babies and the Unborn

Abortion. Miscarriage. Stillbirth. Infant and toddler death.

I am not writing this to argue my personal opinion on abortion. However, I would like to share, from a medium’s point of view, how I see these young/old souls on The Other Side. Please note that all mediums are different, so the signs and symbols I receive are not the same as what another medium might perceive; however, that information still comes from the same place, outside of space/time.

When I’m reading for someone with loved ones on The Other Side, sometimes I’ll see what I can only describe as a “Perfect Ball of Light – God’s Pure Love”, and I know it’s the soul of a child who wasn’t long in this world. I see elective abortions, miscarriages, and all babies and children (who passed before around age 3) exactly the same. They are in a perfect state of Connection with All That Is. I need to point out that there is no anger, hate, or judgement from aborted souls. I realize that might upset those folks who, embedded in their earthly beliefs, may think otherwise, insisting abortion is “murder”. Viewed outside the physical realm, in the eyes of Spirit, abortion isn’t considered murder unless it’s done with malicious intent. Most (dare I say all?) women choosing abortion are not doing so with malice in their hearts and murder on their mind.

This rendering is the closest I could get to how I see a young child’s soul through my clairvoyance.

When I see one of these “Balls of Light”, they are normally attached (at knee height) to another loved one or family member on The Other Side. I’ve also seen these souls helping with the healing of others. I did a reading for a client whose sister passed by suicide. Her depression began when she lost her young child many years before her own death. In the reading, I was shown the client’s sister in the “cocoon” state. It’s the state of being where many suicides end up for a time after death. It’s a healing state, where one is bathed in the Light of The Universe (Love) and assisted through the period of reflection – that time after death when each of us must reflect on our physical life, and how all of our actions, including death by our own hand, effected everyone else around us. From what I understand through my work, this can be an exceptionally difficult process for a soul who felt tortured in living. In that reading, I saw the Perfect Soul of the child who had passed, at her mother’s side, bathing her in Love and Light, helping her heal from the pain and suffering she experienced in this life. That vision is forever embedded in my mind as one of Beauty and Love, not unlike the few visions I’ve had of those going through the Tunnel of Light.

When these souls come through in a reading, I try to make sure to choose my words well. Because there is no judgment or hate – or even FOMO – coming from them, and I typically don’t know right away if the soul was an elective abortion, miscarriage, or passed before their time. They all look similar on The Other side, filled with Light and Love. Sometimes, it helps to bring them through as “evidence” that I’m actually connecting to a client’s loved ones. I had a client a few weeks ago, and I was connecting to her husband who had passed, bringing through good information to confirm it was him. I also saw two of these Child-Souls with him. I told her, “I see he’s with two other young souls on the other side who are there through abortion, miscarriage, or died very young.” I never expect someone to tell me they’ve had an abortion or miscarriage as this information is intensely personal; however, she confirmed that she had experienced one elective abortion when she was very young, before she even knew her husband, and she also had a miscarriage with her new husband, a few years after her first husband’s passing. It was the first time I’d seen this – souls connected on The Other Side to someone with whom they had no connection hear on Earth. She told me that, although she never felt guilt over her abortion, she often wondered if she would be “spiritually in trouble” for making the decision to end her early pregnancy as a teen. I then explained what I know about the afterlife and souls who don’t become fully incarnate in this lifetime. They are not angry, sad, sitting in judgment, lost, or otherwise in a negative state of being, and they certainly don’t project negativity on to the women whose lives they touched, even if just for a very short moment in time. Like The Light from which we all emanate, they are, most simply, in a Perfect State of Being and Connection.

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