Those Who Greet Us at the End of “The Tunnel of Light”
Those Who Greet Us at the End of “The Tunnel of Light”

Those Who Greet Us at the End of “The Tunnel of Light”

I did a reading for a friend recently. He has always been interested in death and the afterlife, working in the medical field, and even a hospital morgue when he was younger. He has studied near death experiences (also known as NDE’s), and has tried to learn everything he can about the soul and what happens when we die.

I explained to him how much I love my work as a psychic medium. I don’t fear death, and I know there is something to the idea of the everlasting validity of the soul. I went on to explain to him the most beautiful things I’d seen in my work, including the time a young lady’s grandfather took me to his death, showing me what he saw as he crossed over. Of course, there was The Tunnel of blinding warm loving golden light, but at the end of the tunnel, his mother waited for him with outstretched arms. He was an old man when he died and he hadn’t see his mother in years. When he looked up to see her waiting for him, bathed in the Light of Heaven, he was overwhelmed (and so was I as I saw and experienced what he saw and experienced). It was so beautiful, I was brought to tears, and my explanation of what I saw doesn’t even come close to offering the visual and emotional picture of what I experienced in that moment. (Wow. even re-reading this paragraph makes me tear up, reliving the fantastic beauty of that vision).

My friend was intrigued. I’ve known him around 30 years, and I’d met his mother on a few occasions back in the early 90’s. She passed a few years ago, and from what I remembered, she had a difficult life, prone to addiction, and didn’t seem at all like a churchgoer (although I later learned that she was born into a strict-faith family). She was nice as can be while sober; she would give the shirt off her back to clothe another, but I don’t recall her being religious or spiritually-leaning in any way.

So it was a surprise when I began “downloading information”, taking notes on his reading, and his mother came through to show me her crossing point. This is not something I’m regularly shown by those on the other side. I’m shown, or given names of, the people who met those leaving the earthly plane, but I’m not always shown the Light and Love and the end of The Tunnel. My friend’s mother showed me though.

As she was passing from this world to the next, crossing over in The Tunnel of Light and Love, I saw Jesus Christ waiting for her with outstretched arms. She had children on the other side, but she would not let go of her sick and dying body for them. She would only leave to meet Christ.

She showed me a picture of Jesus on her wall. She told me she had “re-converted” near the end of her life, and became a true Christian. I was really surprised by this message, but when I shared my reading notes (a clean reading with no interference), he told me that she had in fact become a televangelist-watching Christian near the end of her life. He also confirmed that she had a picture of Jesus Christ on her wall. She believed he was the only way to heaven, and because of this belief, nobody else could have met her at the end of The Tunnel; not her family, not her angels or spiritual guides could coax her over. She needed to see Jesus.

I also received that she held on a bit longer than anyone wanted to see her experience, and her son said she did linger longer than anyone wanted her to (including herself) in that state. But, she was waiting for Jesus. She showed me – quite vividly – The Golden Tunnel (I could describe it as a tunnel of light filled with Everlasting Love, for lack of a better term). At the end of The Tunnel, her children waited for her, back lit by The Light. They waited for a time, but she was unsure. They had been gone from her life for so long that she wasn’t sure she could believe it was really them. Her faith at her time of passing was in Jesus Christ. She needed Him to help her step out the other side of The Tunnel, back to her children, releasing the body that served its purpose for her Soul.

It was another incredible, moving, loving, enlightening moment in my psychic work. I would love if I could actually paint a picture for you, but nothing like it exists in this world.

So does this mean the Christians are right? The only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ? Well yes and no. If you hold the belief that Christ is the only way to Heaven, then yes, that is your truth. I’m not going to tell someone their belief system is wrong because it’s the beliefs they need to get through this life to the Other Side (no one gets out of here alive). It will be different for everyone, including those who follow the teachings of Christ. But… if a belief system is harmful to others, lacking LOVE, compassion and joy, which is what The Light is, then The Tunnel could be a confusing place. You’ll eventually get it though. We all do.

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