Understanding the Dead (even when they don’t speak English)
Understanding the Dead (even when they don’t speak English)

Understanding the Dead (even when they don’t speak English)

I’m often asked how I can understand someone who didn’t speak English (the language I comprehend) in this life. Or even better, how do I understand a pet, or other animal, on the Other Side?

That’s the beauty of psychic information. It doesn’t use words and physical language to send or translate information. When a dog, passed to the Other Side (the other side of the Rainbow Bridge), shows me his favorite stuffed toy from his lifetime, he’s not “telling” me anything. Although, a talking dog would be pretty cool. The information is being relayed on a wavelength outside the realm of the physical.

Just the other day, I had a family member coming through for a client. I got, “father figure or father’s side, older male, short thinning gray hair, glasses – medium height (5’6 to 5’8ish). Definitely not speaking English. I’m picking up that it’s Eastern European. I want to say Greek, but it’s definitely not Greek; although, he’s showing me that he’s not far from Greece.”

The client said, “Oh. That’s my Serbian father-in-law.”

I then relayed more validating and evidential information from her father-in-law although he didn’t speak English, and I certainly don’t understand or speak Serbian (at least in this lifetime).

Telegraph – circa 1890 – 1910

Imagine it like an old telegraph. A telegraph operator would send taps/electrical impulses over a wire which would create the dots and dashes of Morse Code, forcing a stylus on the other end of the line to punch holes and dashes onto a strip of paper (which is then interpreted by someone who knows what those dashes and dots mean). It was all done through electromagnetism which is also behind the understanding of waves; including radio and television waves, and even light. Electromagnetism is a whole branch of physics of its own and it studies electromagnetic force, which is a physical interaction occurring between electrically-charged particles.

So while I don’t know exactly how it’s done, I have an understanding, at least in my mind’s eye, of how it works. I know that those outside the physical limitations of space and time have the ability to send the message, and we (here in space/time) have the ability to pick it up – even if the person (or dog… or cat) isn’t standing right in front of us or speaking in a language we could comprehend with our sense of hearing.

Pretty cool, huh?

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