Accessing Spirit through Divination
Accessing Spirit through Divination

Accessing Spirit through Divination

Everyone who knows me is aware of my journey. I began working with Tarot cards back in the late 90’s. I went through an exceptional spiritual transformation, and by the early 2000’s, I was officiating weddings and funerals for friends and family, conducting annual (and accurate) card readings and even began channeling and receiving messages from Spirit. Now, I have a direct connection with my Spirit Guide (Shawna), myriad Angelic energy, and my loved ones on The Other Side who all help me bring through information during readings for others.

It all began with Tarot.

Well, as a child, I liked to sleep and would see spiritual lights and beings at my bedside, but that all disappeared with puberty and early adulthood. It all came back, seemingly in a rush – after my divorce from my husband. Soon after the separation, I had my first psychic reading at Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo in New Orleans (on Halloween no less!) and picked up my first deck of Tarot cards about 6 months later while living in Atlanta.

At that time, it was still incredibly “spooky” for some, and maybe even a bit rebellious, to become involved in the divinatory arts. In the Southeastern US (where I lived in Atlanta for a few years and then Charleston, South Carolina for about 6 months), folks called me a witch and reminded me regularly that Tarot cards were a form of “devil worship”. Oy! If they only know the amazing validation and incredible lightness of being which came through in my readings.

Divination work is NOT “devil worship” or even remotely evil. The key component in the word should tell you everything you need to know. It’s about connecting with “The Divine”, the ethereal, That Which Cannot Be Seen. There is nothing inherently evil in that. It’s all about the energy that one is trying to connect with. At the same time, when connecting with energy beyond this realm of the physical, you should ensure you are staying in a blessed space, with blessed tools, to attract blessed energy, connecting only with that energy which walks in the light.

I encourage spiritual cleansing of the self, the space, and divination tools regularly, especially when first connecting with Spirit and/or new tools such as Tarot, oracles, or channeling. It’s one of the first pieces of preparation I have for my new oracle, Lenormand Seer Oracle. Spiritual friends who have worked with the casting board which I personally cleansed, cleared, and blessed repeatedly after receiving it have said that it “feels good” and, it actually really works, validating thoughts and feelings and responding with correct information. It was created with a higher vibration in mind, so I hope it helps others attract and work well with it.

Divination is not the devil’s work if intention is not “of the devil”. Intention, where one focuses their energy, is everything in this work. Stay focused. Cleanse yourself and your tools regularly through incense, flame (candles), prayer, and intention for Truth and Highest Good. Archangel Michael is a great energy to surround yourself with because it is protective and truth-telling. At the end of the day, that should always be what we seek – TRUTH.

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