Expect the Best Reading for your Highest Good and You Will Receive It!
Expect the Best Reading for your Highest Good and You Will Receive It!

Expect the Best Reading for your Highest Good and You Will Receive It!

This is a repost from the blog with my partner group (spiritual tribe) at chickswithspritualgifts.com.

I have a little “blurb” I cover with clients at the beginning of every reading. I think it’s important to set expectations up front to avoid disappointment and even difficulty during and after the reading.

The first thing I cover is what to expect. I conduct very spiritual readings which have been described as “touching the soul”. I begin tapping in/taking notes about 30 minutes before I call a client. When we get on the phone, I already have pages of notes letting them know why they are getting a reading at that moment, and I’d say it makes sense to the client almost every single time. However, someone may book a reading because they miss their grandmother who has passed on, and they want to hear from her. Maybe they want a very specific answer to a life question. In the decades I’ve been doing this work, I’ve found that coming into a reading with the expectation of hearing from Grandma and hearing the YES answer you’ve been wondering about can get int he way of a truly uplifting and healing reading. So I ask, as difficult as it may be, that my clients approach the reading with the only appropriate and helpful expectation: the reading will be for their highest good. When this happens, it truly becomes an incredible experience for the client (and even for me).

I let people know that while I’m a highly-rated psychic medium, their loved ones on the Other Side may or may/may not join us for the reading; however, I will always do my best to tap into a certain energy at their request. If we don’t hear from that energy it doesn’t mean I’m a horrible medium or that their loved ones aren’t in a “good place”. It simply means the timing or the connection wasn’t quite right for the current reading and/or circumstances.

A great approach to your reading is to already have some questions ready to go. Write them down ahead of time, but do not anticipate the answer. You will get the answer you’re supposed to hear; although, it’s not always the answer you want to hear.

Another important “rule” for readings is response. It’s exceptionally tough to work with a client who says nothing at all as I deliver messages from Spirit. It’s not that I require validation so much as that Spirit requires that you understand the information coming through. A simple, “Yes” or “That makes sense” or “I understand” can go a very long way in keeping your psychic “in the flow”. In that same vein, it’s also important to let your psychic know if something is absolutely not making sense. Keep in mind we’re working with energy. It’s kind of like tuning into an AM radio station in another city. If you’re not feeling what you’re hearing, we can always switch to another “channel” to ensure you’re getting the reading for your highest good.

Now, all psychics are different in allowing recordings, interruptions, etc. I fully encourage my clients to record their session, and they should definitely take notes because I deliver A LOT of information which they will want to refer to after the reading is over. Trust me on this. However, if you’re working with one of our other intuitives, please make sure to ask if they’re okay with recording before the reading begins. I also allow (even want?) interruptions for clarification or to slow me down. Sometimes the information comes through fast, and I start speaking too quickly for note-taking and/or comprehension. A gentle, “I’m sorry could you repeat that?” or “Please slow down.” will often snap me back to a better pace. Don’t worry. You won’t interrupt Spirit’s train of thought. You’ll get the message you’re meant to hear.

To summarize:

  • Your loved ones may or may not present themselves during a reading. It doesn’t mean the psychic is bad, or your loved ones aren’t in “Heaven”.
    • Sometimes asking questions directly to your loved ones can get them to show up for us.
  • Acknowledge what the psychic is giving you to stay in a good flow of information. It’s okay to be skeptical, but total silence/lack of feedback is not helpful to you or the psychic.
  • Don’t anticipate the answer to your questions. Be open to the answers even if they’re not necessarily what you think you wanted to hear.
  • Record your reading (but first ask your psychic if that’s okay). If you don’t record, at least have a notepad and a pen ready to take down all the information flowing throughout your reading.
  • Expect the best reading for your highest good, and you will receive it!
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