Two Different People. Two Different Readings.
Two Different People. Two Different Readings.

Two Different People. Two Different Readings.

I had two incredible back-to-back readings recently. I was “flying high” for a couple of days after because the energetic information coming through was so incredible and specific for the very different people for whom I read.

The first reading was for an older person for whom I’d never read. I normally have a first name and a phone number. They had a mother figure who began to “visit” the night before, and I asked her to wait until the next morning’s reading. Sure enough, the client had mother on the other side. Mother was presenting herself in black and white which is my symbol that someone has been gone for some time – usually 10 years or more. I kept being drawn to the white dress and clothing, and I saw her surrounded in light – like a bright white aura. That tells me she was a religious or pious woman in this life (confirmed). She was bringing through BUSHELS of white roses as a thank you to her child. It’s like she couldn’t thank my client enough for their help. Normally my sign for “thank you” is expressed with a bouquet of white roses, but this was white roses upon white roses upon white roses! The mother then she reached out and pulled in an older male – her companion. She told me he “just got here”, so I told the client I saw a father-figure who had recently passed. It turns out the person for whom I was reading had taken care of their stepfather for the past dozen years, since their mother had died. The stepfather had just passed away a few weeks ago. The mother was abundantly thankful for the care her child gave to the stepfather, especially in his last couple of years.

In my reading notes (the 30 minute “download” I do before a reading), I kept picking up on monastery or convent in relation to this person’s past. Lo and behold, as they were growing up, for years, this person thought they would give up a regular life for a life within the Catholic Church. Then, oddly enough, St. Josephine Bakhita (the only acknowledged saint from Sudan) came through. She was a nun canonized by Pope John Paul II. When I mentioned her to the client, they confirmed that they were very connected to The Church and the Saints.

It was a beautiful reading because it was so very validating. So much information came through including from two siblings who predeceased the client. One was a sister who I kept picking up was very frank and “in your face” in this life (confirmed) and the brother was “larger than life” and always (like ALWAYS) making everyone laugh (confirmed). At the end of the reading, I asked if they wanted to cover anything else. They said, “I miss my mom. I love her so much and just need her to know how much I love and miss her.” For the grand finale in most readings, I like to close my eyes, shuffle, and pull an Angel & Saints card to kind of wrap up/tie a bow on it. It’s also a good way to end a tough/truth reading. The picture here is the one I pulled and sent via text. They gasped and said, “…and she has 7 children with her, just like my mom.”

The second reading was for someone I’d read earlier this year or late last year. Note: I don’t typically remember too much about the people or readings I do because that would be a heavy burden to bear. I found this reading so interesting – and so incredibly different from the reading I had just completed an hour before. This second reading was for a highly-respected member of the Oglala Lakota community. The signs and symbols in this reading were incredible because almost everything coming through related back to Mother Earth and the elements like animals, water, fire, etc… As I was connecting for him in the pre-reading, I kept seeing an enormous fire connecting his soul up to the stars. He told me that he’d recently participated in a multi-day ceremony; something we might think of as a spiritual communion. He said they have to build a fire which must stay lit throughout the days of ceremony, and he has felt the fire in his soul and a connection with Spirit ever since. His grandmother, who was the matriarch and story-teller of her family came through with incredible information and validation as well. I kept seeing her dancing in traditional dress. Then I saw a large owl flying in front of a large, bright full moon. I told him that to achieve success in those things for which he was inquiring, he will have to use both his wisdom and intellect in harmony with his emotions and feelings. He said he’d been lately focusing on being more in touch with his feminine/feeling side.

I have to admin that, as the reader, the experience of both readings felt absolutely fantastic for me. I am so blessed to do this work.

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