Mother (and Father) as “God”
Mother (and Father) as “God”

Mother (and Father) as “God”

There is a bond between a mother and child that goes well beyond the severing of the umbilical cord. Children, especially young children, are very much affected by their mother’s thoughts and feelings. The intense connection doesn’t stop when the baby leaves the womb. It is then the physical separation occurs, but the psychic connection is always there.

You hear stories about how a mother knew something was wrong with her child even though she was miles away at the time. This is true if the emotional and mental bond is strong. Even if it isn’t strong, a mother who, say gave her baby up for adoption, could always have a residual effect throughout the life of the child.

We use our own energy, as mothers, to create a new energy in which we are eternally entwined. In that respect, we are as a god. Our child will always carry our DNA, a piece of us. As children of the Universe, we too will always carry a piece of the Source that all creation emanates from.

Just as we want to feel loved in the benevolence of Our Creator, a child must always feel that, too. We need gods that we can have faith in; gods that aren’t hostile or lash out in anger, but respond with love and compassion. A mother (and father) must act with that in mind.

Along those same analogous lines, we want gods that create with intention. Imagine if all we know came into being because our Creators drank too much and had an “accident” one night without care for the outcome or growth of the creation.  We deserve more, and the children we bring into this world deserve to be intended and loved.

This message should be shared with everybody who may, or may not intend, to create a child. Are you ready, willing and able to live and love outside of yourself, your needs , and your desires? Are you ready to bring a child into this world who will make it better than when she arrived? As creators, as gods, you have a responsibility to the co-created world around you, and this includes the life you bring into it.

Love with every ounce of your being, with a love that makes you act for the highest good of all, and you will be the best creator you can be.

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