Maintaining Health and Wellness in Mental & Psychic Work
Maintaining Health and Wellness in Mental & Psychic Work

Maintaining Health and Wellness in Mental & Psychic Work

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This past Friday, I completed no less than 30 tarot card readings inside of  4 hours. That averages out to around 7+ readings per hour. I did something close to that at a store grand opening a few weeks ago, but I had prepared for the grand opening earlier in the day through mantras and meditation. I didn’t prepare on Friday. I procrastinated on some things until that very day, so I had to complete \tasks and thus had no time for meditation or prayer. To top things off, I had a very bad diet that day (i.e. lots of coffee and a couple of fast food items).

On Saturday, I could barely move. My body felt as if I’d been up drinking all night. I was experiencing the feeling of a hangover without the fun of the drink. Every muscle ached. My thoughts were clouded. I was ravenous and felt somewhat flu-like (while also wanting to eat everything in sight). I immediately recognized the symptoms of physical depletion from psychic work.

I use Tarot cards as the medium through which I share unseen information; giving physical energy to a psychic connection with another. My body works as a conduit, like a battery, pulling through normally-unobserved energy. Like a battery, I deplete my energy if I’m not properly charged before, during, and after my work. Remove anything spiritual, and understand that simply coming into contact with countless people, asking for information, wanting to chat, etcetera can be a drain on energy.

I was pushing a lot of energy through and out when I hadn’t really done enough to ensure my “flow” was in tip-top shape. Not only is that a disservice to me, but it’s not fair to clients. My readings were all solid, because my work is good, but they could have been mind-blowingly awesome had I set the right intentions for my day.

So what does one do to “charge” their energy prior to psychic work (or really any work that requires communication with others)?

  1. First and foremost: EAT RIGHT!  Like an athlete, it’s usually recommended to “carb up” prior to a good workout.  I like to blast my body with the macronutrients found in complex-carbohydrates (my favorites are brown rice and beans), proteins (beans and nuts) and fats (more nuts and fruits like avocado).   Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) can be found in fruits and veggies. Essentially I like to steer away from chemical-laden foods and animal-proteins, so that I don’t feel weighed down; though baked fish with brain-feeding omegas can be helpful. Believe it or not, a square of dark organic chocolate can be very grounding for psychic work.
  2. WATER! Our physical body is mostly water, and water is a conduit for energy. While you should stay properly hydrated all of the time, it’s even more important to take make that part of your routine on days of heavy psychic work.
  3. Stretch because stretching the physical body allows for the release of stagnate energy. This specificially gets all energy flowing better.
  4. Work out. My daily walk/run is important to getting my blood moving and my lungs circulating oxygen throughout my system.
  5. Meditate, and get energy/chakras moving. I like to sit in my space for a few minutes and “see” the different colors in the chakras light up and down their path between my head and pelvis.
  6. Surround yourself positive energy. Some call it the White Light. I call upon my guide and angels to surround and protect me while allowing Universal Truth to flow. I will often envision large white/silver wings enveloping me as a bright, white light shines all around. The energy from this light is so powerful that nothing negative may penetrate this loving embrace. This bright energy can only be sent outward to the world.
  7. TAKE BREAKS! The all caps and exclamation point is aimed at me. I am horrible about taking breaks, especially when I have a line of people wanting readings within a certain timeframe. My best friend told me, “You should make a ‘Back in 5 Minutes’ sign for your booth, so you can get a break every once in a while.”  I agreed, and then never made the sign.  I didn’t allow myself to get up, wash my hands, clear my head etcetera during the entire night, and I know better!

Please note the above are my individual “rituals”. Everybody will have their own habits that help charge them to their fullest capacity.

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