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The Reality of Perception (or You Are What You Say You Are)
The Reality of Perception (or You Are What You Say You Are)

The Reality of Perception (or You Are What You Say You Are)

Dr. Wayne Dyer refers to our “I Am” quite a bit.

I choose to impress upon my subconscious mind, and therefore the mind of God to which I am eternally joined, my conception of myself as a Divine creator in alignment with the one mind. I groggily reiterate my I ams, which I have placed in my imagination, and I remember that my slumber will be dominated by my last waking concept of myself. I am peaceful, I am content, I am love, I am writing, I am the governing power of the universe, and I attract only to myself those who are in alignment with my highest ideals of myself.

You are…

I find myself calling upon my “I Am’s” during those moments when I feel I need to be reminded of them. I am peace. I am tranquility. I am love… as my old boss screams at me for no other reason than to hear herself yell at somebody.

I realized just today that there’s something else I Am.  I am a writer.  People often speak of what they will be or what they want to be.  They may be doing that very thing right now, but unless other people take notice, they aren’t necessarily considered to be that “thing”.

Example:  “I want to be a great guitarist”, said my friend the great guitarist.  His band hadn’t been picked up by a major record label, millions of people hadn’t heard his music, but he was still a great guitarist.

My artist friend wants “to be an artist.”  Ok, so what is that in your notebook? Oh art? Doodles? Drawings? Guess what. You’re an artist.

Do you believe you are what you say you are? Or do you require another to believe it for it to be “true”?  Who said we needed the validation of millions of people to make us feel accomplished?  All we need is our own perception to realize that we are what we say we are; whether somebody else recognizes it or not.

I am peace. I am tranquility. I am love. I am a writer.

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