Music and (Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional) Health
Music and (Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional) Health

Music and (Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional) Health


For working out.

For meditation.

For relaxation.

music-and-healthGet all of the above, and you get overall brain (and body) wellness. Numerous studies (like this one on the influence of music in schizophrenic patients) have shown the incredible health benefits of music. Google “music health study” and you will come up with over 258 MILLION links!  Now, I can’t promise which of those are/aren’t porn related, but you get the idea.

Music has been around since rain has fallen on the earth, creating a low pitter-patter beat in the background. Our ancestors danced around fire to the beat of drums in celebration, godly requests and spiritual revelation and simply for physical activity. Music is in our blood and soul.

You’d think, knowing all this, I’d be better about listening to the music I’ve become so passionate about over a (mid)lifetime of influences.  I’m like everybody else. When shit hits my personal fan, I suck at taking care of myself.

I wasn’t listening to “my music”.  The music I love. The music that is the background to my life.  Life was slowly becoming stressed-out and awful.  Work sucks. Relationship woes. No music playing because of work and home (because of stresses in both of those places that don’t really allow for my music).  Flu keeping me from working out (and thus listening to my iPod for workouts).  All of my bodies (physical, spiritual, blah, blah, blah) are completely off kilter, and I’ve been terribly stressed out and unhappy for the past few days feeling like I’m losing my mind and all control.

Then I came home tonight.  I insisted on my alone time, and I popped on my headphones.  Pink Floyd’s entire “Wish You Were Here” album is a work of art that transported me far away from the woes on this earthly plane.

I currently have my best of “chill Pearl Jam” playlist working its way through my ear canals. The list includes my favorites (in no particular order except “Yellow Ledbetter” is my end-all, be-all favorite PJ song EVER):

  • Just Breathe
  • Of the Girl
  • Crown of Thorns (Yes, I know it’s orginally a Mother Love Bone song, but I love the live version by Pearl Jam)
  • Release
  • Yellow Ledbetter

When you’re losing your shit, listen to your favorite music. I swear it works.

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