Removing All Doubt
Removing All Doubt

Removing All Doubt


As I sat in meditation (or rather, as I grabbed another cup of coffee), “the voices” told me that doubt is getting in the way of my success. Now, for clarification, I don’t “hear” voices in my head so much as get impressions that lead to gnosis.

I was recently tested to be an online and phone psychic (two tests, 2 different companies). I was terribly nervous going into them, but once I got started, I did great. Everything just flowed. The words flowed from my mouth like honey, and I most humbly submit that I did a bang-up job on both tests.  BUT, I had doubted my abilities (thus placing a bit of stress on myself and the situation before the readings).  I’ve been told innumerable times that my readings are accurate and helpful to people, but I still find myself wondering (doubting) if I’ve said the right things, given the correct information, etc.

I believe there are times for doubt and times to overcome it – especially when doubt is born of unfounded fear.

Søren Kierkegaard (often called “the father of Christian existentialism”) suggested that for one to truly believe in God, one would also have to doubt one’s beliefs about God.  He considered that doubt forced us to use our rational mind to weigh evidence. Without such rational thought, belief is insubstantial.

When we try somebody for a crime in the United States, we may only find them guilty if it’s beyond all reasonable doubt. It means the known and the unknown has been presented, and based upon the evidence, a jury determines guilt or innocence. Unfortunately, in this scenario, “innocence” could simply mean there was some doubt as the to the guilt of a person and not necessarily that they are truly innocent of a crime.

James Allen. Author of “As a Man Thinketh”.

While Kierkegaard’s words ring true (especially to the rationally-minded), I believe these statements should be further qualified.  It is within our physical existence that we doubt ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings and even physical evidence.

That brings me to James Allen the “modern-day” essayist who wrote the dialogue “As a Man Thinketh”.  The manuscript happens to be one of my favorites. I often use it in bibliomancy (where I hold a thought, flip through a book, land on a random page and find Truth in the words).

The title of his book was taken from Proverbs 23:7: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Allen was an early version of those who know “The Secret”. You know that hip new age thing where you learn that thoughts are energy, and energy manifests in our physical realm? Sometime in the first decade of the 1900’s he wrote:

Thoughts of doubt and fear never accomplish anything, and never can. They always lead to failure. Purpose, energy, power to do, and all strong thoughts cease when doubt and fear creep in.


He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.

Being someone who is very interested in EVERYTHING, and especially desirous of obtaining fulfillment in this life, I am always trying to overcome those things that get in my way. In trying to overcome doubt, one must understand the root of the problem. Where does doubt come from? Fear.  What is fear but a construct of ego? In turn, doubt is merely a sub-construct of the ego.

Removing ego from the equation

One of Buddhism’s main principals is to become “egoless”. It is one of the Three Marks of Existence, and it is believed that ego is a byproduct of the Five Skandhas (which explain the Buddhist concept of ego).

Without telling everybody to become a Buddhist, I can suggest that we must overcome our most natural inclinations (or is it habits?), and see beyond that which is known in our physical realm.  This means not just believing but KNOWING something to be true.

In my prior post, I spoke of setting up my manifestation altar and meditating. The following day, I had cash literally left on my doorstep. It is VERY difficult to overcome the natural doubt that accompanies material woe. It took a concerted effort on my part, and it’s a habit that I’ve been actively cultivating for quite some time. During the time that I sat and meditated, I had to “see” the situation manifesting. I had to feel it, and I had to KNOW that it existed. I literally “knew it into existence”. In knowing, all doubt is cast aside.

Overcoming doubt to manifest your desires takes effort.  Creating habits and rituals for yourself that elevate you to a higher plane, devoid of physical ego (and thus devoid of pain, doubt, etc) is the easiest way to happiness here on Earth.

One way to overcome doubt is to become more enlightened. I find that ancient mantras, especially the Gayatri Mantra, is a great resource for enlightenment.  Prayer and meditation is also great. Just remember that prayer is when it’s your turn to talk, and meditation is when it’s your turn to be quiet and listen.

As I wrote this, I decided to pick up “As a Man Thinketh” for a bit of bibliomancy. This is what I got, and I don’t doubt it for a second:

Guard well your thoughts, reader, for what you really are in your secret thoughts today, be it good or evil, you will, sooner or later, become in actual deed. He who unwearingly guards the portals of his mind against the instruction of sinful thoughts, and occupies himself with loving thoughts, with pure, strong, and beautiful thoughts, will, when the season of their ripening comes, bringforth the fruits of gentle and holy deeds, and no temptation that can come against him shall find him unarmed or unprepared.

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