Breaking News:  We’re All the Same!
Breaking News: We’re All the Same!

Breaking News: We’re All the Same!

This just in!  Beyond our obvious moral, political, physical and emotional differences, we’re all the same. We’re all connected by a commonality that goes beyond what you can see, taste, hear, touch and feel.

The elections had me scratching my head over the sheer ferociousness of the recent U.S. campaigns this year.  There seemed, for the first time in my generation, a very stark line drawn between the black and white ideologies of our nation.  It’s almost as if skin color became the basis for our personal political belief systems.  On this side, we have liberal. We have free-thinking and social concern. We have progressive, forward movement and space for change. On this side we have conservative.  We have strong material values. We have high personal morals with a grip to keep the status quo and struck limits on social assistance.

Underneath it all. When you strip away the skin, we’re all the same. The piece of us that nobody can see on the outside looks more and more alike the deeper you travel within. We have so much more in common than meets the physical eye. Listen to NDE stories (near-death experience). No matter the color of their skin or their political affiliation, most people have incredibly similar experiences when it comes to death and the soul’s ascension away from the body. There is a Universal thread in this tapestry of souls connecting us all.

Knowing this, one would think we’d be better to each other.  If we all simply acted with respect toward ourselves, we would be acting with respect toward all others (and vice versa). If we took care of each other, there would be plenty of care to go around.  If we respected one another, we would all be respected.  If we loved others as we would hope to be  loved, there would be so much love that hate could never find its way into our world.

Pipe dreams I know.  Because on the outside, we’re all so different. Too many people simply can’t see beyond that (but I’ll try my damnedest to love you anyway because in loving you, I’m receiving love).

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