Does Newton Scientifically Explain Karma?


Newton’s cradle: a number of balls reacting to the energy being sent to them from the first ball in line. You see these clacking (relaxing?) sets on the desks of many an executive.  In a moment of boredom – or the need to move some energy in the room – the first ball is pulled back and released. It strikes the closest ball in line which impacts the next ball in line and so on until the last ball is struck.  The last ball, with nothing to impact, swings back to the ball that just sent it out.  This is karma.

While Newton’s simple physics tool showed the conservation of momentum and energy, he likely didn’t realize the picture of spiritual karma he was helping to forge.

This desk toy is an example of “pay it forward” energy at its simplest. Don’t have somebody to pay it forward to? Pass it back to where it came from because it WILL most certainly come ’round again, and again, and again, and again, and again….


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