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Are You Blocking Your Desires?
Are You Blocking Your Desires?

Are You Blocking Your Desires?

bangheadhereI talk a lot about getting what you want by simply wanting it.  When people question me, because they haven’t reaped the rewards of their desirous thoughts, I asked them one thing.  “Are you grateful for your current situation?”  Oftentimes, the answers is, “Well, no.  That’s why I want something else.”

Wanting something so badly can make your current situation seem less-than-perfect by comparison.  What does this do?  It creates doubtful – or negative – thoughts (which we already know are full of energy) to counteract the desirous + or positive + thoughts.

See? Desire is positively hurled forward by feelings of happiness.  Happiness is gratitude; being grateful for everything in the moment.  When you hunger for something, but find current circumstances to be overwhelming, you are sending out conflicting energy to the Universe.

happysunsetYou are meant to be happy.  We all are, but wanting something while feeling guilty or doubtful about receiving it, or by feeling totally unhappy in your current circumstances, is essentially nothing more than banging your head against a brick wall trying to get through it. Unless you’re a Kung-Fu master, I don’t see that happening.  Ceasing the self-defeating (and injurious) behavior is a good start.

If you want something badly enough, you need to do everything you can to enjoy all the moments leading up to receiving that thing into your life.  At most you will be happy and receive all that you desire. At the very least, you will be happy.  I think both outcomes sound great.

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