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Exercising Gratitude
Exercising Gratitude

Exercising Gratitude

I took this picture of the waterfall in Waipi’o Valley (north shore of Big Island, Hawai’i) after a 4.5 mile trek to get to it. We hiked down 45° mountains, across a wide rushing river feeding into the ocean, across a black sand beach and a 2 mile walk away from the ocean through a dense rain forest. When I saw this waterfall, with its many refreshing pools, I was grateful for its beauty and the fact that I survived the trek (I did not allow myself to think of the hike back).  Though I don’t get to see to see it everyday, I can look back and be grateful for the experience knowing my gratitude will bring about more wonderful experiences.

Quick! Write down 3 things you’re grateful for in this moment. Do this exercise every day (each morning when you wake and before you go to sleep is a great habit) and you will find that, over time, your list becomes longer and longer.

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