I Am the Queen of Swords
I Am the Queen of Swords

I Am the Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords by Julia Tenney
Queen of Swords by Julia Tenney

There are readers, like myself, who ascribe astrology to the Tarot. Some readers don’t believe in it; some find it abhorrent to associate other esoteric or metaphysical systems with the Tarot. I don’t have a problem with that. I even put a book together on astrology and tarot which is all about “Personalities of the Tarot”, so astrology is part of my practice. I first learned this system through the teachings of Lon Milo DuQuette.

According to the astrological/tarot system I follow, I am the Queen of Swords by birth date and character (September 23). I offer wise counsel. I have a spiritual depth brought through prolonged struggles in my life. I am (finally) learning from my mistakes, and I can share that wisdom. I am reason and rationality over emotion and passion, but I’m not a robot. I still feel deeply, though when I’m working through an issue with a client or family member, my emotions take a back seat while I reason through it.  Like the Queen, I require balance and fairness. If that isn’t part of the “game”, then I’m not playing. That includes quibbles and debates. If somebody tries to get into a heated discussion with me, they had better be prepared to be rational because I don’t work well with the irrational. I walk away, forcing a time-out.

The Queen of Swords delivers her messages honestly, gracefully, confidently and with wit. My sense of humor is an important aspect of my personality. I was brought up with humor, and I love to laugh. I will even (or especially) laugh  at myself as I trip up through my day or life. Honestly, I don’t trust anybody who takes themselves too seriously anyway.

Queen of Swords by Elric2012 on DeviantArt
Queen of Swords by Eric C. Dunne creator of Tarot Illuminati

Oh yes, the Queen of Swords has a dark side just like everybody else. I will make promises and not follow-through, but I will always have a justification for it. As I’ve grown, and become more organized, my follow-through has gotten MUCH better.  I sometimes shrink away from people who are overly-emotional because high emotions tend to lack reason. I simply don’t know what to do with that; therefore, I can seem cold and distant. If forced into a corner, my tongue becomes the sword, and I can be cruel and cutting. My sense of detachment and independence can be a big turn-off for some (especially men who are looking for the lost princess and not the battled queen).

My ability to cut and run is often incorrectly attributed to a coldness and lack of emotion. I’ve even been called the “Ice Queen”.  This really couldn’t be further from the truth. I feel very deeply; however, I can talk myself through my feelings. By the time I cut something out of my life, I have already worked through the emotions of the situation, making it seem “easier” than it truly is.

Like the Queen of Swords, I have learned the lessons in severing ties with situations, people, and relationships which no longer serve the highest good of everybody involved. This is where my expertise shines. I have found that many, if not most, of my clients are brought to me at times when they need to hear it’s time to let go, to walk away, to cut ties with a person, situation or behavior. I am the voice of reason to balance the emotion they naturally feel in letting go.  I help others see what it would be like to be free of imbalanced situations, realigning themselves to a path which is conducive to growth instead of being stuck in a dead-end situation.

I also find it quite interesting that I have a large number of clients who are military, police, government and law professionals. The suit of swords is often aligned with these professions, but I’ve been surprised at the numbers. I was even in police work for many years when I was younger.

I have found, through discussions with many other tarot readers that we tend to attract clients who need the energy we offer. As some very quick examples:

  • Queen of Wands can offer courage, passion, and the ability to seize opportunity.
  • Queen of Cups can help others in love, relationships, and in intuition.
  • Queen of Coins can help with organization, and physical affairs (money, home, job, health).

I find myself lucky enough to have many close friends and associates spanning all of the suits (but those cups can still throw me off).

If you need reason, rationality, honesty and fairness, coupled with wit and humor, I can be of service to you. I will share the wisdom of the many lives lived and battles fought which have brought me to this place of peace and balance. I can show you a different way, although the way is yours and yours alone. I have my sword at the ready to help you cut your own path.

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