Mi Madre Mi Corazón
Mi Madre Mi Corazón

Mi Madre Mi Corazón

My mother and me (Fall 1969)

As I stand at the precipice of age 50, I count my blessings and throw out gratitude to the universe that I am able to celebrate this day with my living mother (and her mother). There are so many “motherless children” alive today. All of my cousins (both sides) have lost their mothers. Several of my “bff’s” have born witness to the passing of their life-giver. Sometimes I feel guilty that I have a mother and they don’t, but I know that the time will come when I grieve for just one last hug from the life who gave me mine.

I am also overwhelmingly thankful to have the ability to visit with my loved one’s mothers on the other side who are quietly, gently, and most lovingly guiding from their peaceful perch of spiritual Understanding. They have not disappeared from the whole of the Universe… if anything, they’ve embraced more of it as they’ve ascended from the tiny dot of blue we call home. These words won’t replace a mother, and they’re not meant to placate the sadness which can, quite naturally, permeate a day like today when the person you want to celebrate isn’t here to enjoy the chocolates, smell the flowers, eat the meals, and hold you as only a mother can.

Oh but you must celebrate! Celebrate the time you had and the life she gave for you; not only to bring you into this space/time, but also the life she gave to raise you up, working and caring for you as a mother tends to do. Celebrate the love and light she brought into your world. Celebrate her essence that lives on within the Universe and more directly within you. Let her know you love her, and I guarantee, she will find a way to let you know her love for you endures well beyond this 4D world we awaken to every morning. Pay attention, and you will know she is there. It might be the strange timing of a perfect white feather, a coin, a song, a smell, a number, a color… she may even visit you in the dream state. You will know.

Me and the three who made me a mother (2005)

For those whose mother’s might be considered “less than” in the mothering world, be kind to yourself and hold only the most high and positive thoughts when it comes to her. Believe in the lesson and growth your soul received by experiencing a mother who made choices that hurt or betrayed you as a child. Use the lessons to grow beyond those boundaries to become a better person, or even a mother yourself. Be thankful for the life she gave to you and know that you can be better, share more, love more because of it.

If you can’t, or choose not to, bear children, you must also be kind to yourself. If you’ve lost a child, you are no less a mother and should embrace the title, holding only the most high and positive thoughts when it comes to your role. Believe in the lesson and growth your soul receives by experiencing your womanhood in all its glory.

If you are a mother, allow yourself to be celebrated today because you are the physical manifestation of the Divine Feminine. You are the heart that pumps life into existence. Embrace it you beautiful goddess. You are the giver of life.

There is feminine strength in each role offered in this lifetime, and you have the choice to be the bringer of light and life simply by being a beacon of LOVE, so have a joyful Mother’s Day no matter what the day may look like for you.

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