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From the Inside Out

From the Inside Out

Diet and Psychic Work

I had an accidental experiment recently. I’ve been eating significantly less (as in almost no) sugar for the past month. Last week, I went off the rails for about 3 – 4 days, and the week really sucked. I had insomnia, insane mood swings, and an overall “icky” feeling emotionally and physically. I’ve even been “spiritually-lazy”, forgetting/avoiding my need for meditation, prayer, grounding, and connection with my guides and angels.

I was having a real-life meltdown. And then I cleaned up my act. I put the kibosh on the refined sugar again. I’ve been eating much more cleanly for the past several days, and everything in my body is responding including my third eye/clairvoyance, my aching foot (plantar fasciitis), and especially my emotions (I no longer want to throw myself into traffic on my walk home from work).

It’s a known fact that diets of processed and chemical foods can adversely affect the neocortex in the brain. The neocortex is where our experiences of enlightenment and connection to the Universe hang out, along with higher functions such as sensory perception, generation of motor commands, spatial reasoning, conscious thought, and language.

As you can see, the neocortex is kind of important to our way of living, not just as psychics, but as humans. Feeding our bodies, and especially our brains, with good brain-boosting foods is key to overall health. It’s also key to clearly experiencing the higher realms of existence beyond our 3D world.

A nice array of brain food!

Of course, diet can also effect hormones which can wreak total havoc on all of your systems when they’re “out of whack”. So stabilizing bodily functions has a big effect on perception, and the ability to tune in beyond this sphere of physical influence.

Foods to help your neocortex:

  • fatty (wild caught) ocean fish
  • blueberries
  • avocados
  • beans
  • coffee/tea
  • turmeric
  • dark chocolate
  • seeds (like sunflower and pumpkin)
  • nuts
  • spinach
  • broccoli

It just so happens that a vegan (plus fish = pescetarian) diet is best to keep the your body and spirit functioning at optimal levels. We all know this, but actually feeling it and seeing it in action is another thing altogether. It also happens that a diet good for psychic work is also good for others due to its anti-inflammatory nature, so it’s great for those with neuromuscular disease, arthritis, etc… I’ve had to find this out due to a recent neuromuscular issue with one of my adult children.

Finally, water. I can’t push this one enough. Water is a conductor of energy, and it’s a cleanser. It moves things through the body, flushing the toxins and overall “ick” out and away from us. Take it from someone who lives in the hot arid desert with a single functioning kidney, eat your veggies and drink your water!

…even the most carefully chosen and nutritious food can be toxic, if eaten while a person is in a negative frame of mind.”

Edgar Cayce

What you put in your gas tank will ultimately determine how well your engine runs. If your choosing optimal nutrition, your body (and spirit) will respond in kind. Make sure your head is in the game and don’t eat for the sake of sticking something in your mouth or because you’re bored in front of the TV. Eat because your food acts as a medicine to fuel and heal your body.

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