Filling Your Cup
Filling Your Cup

Filling Your Cup

I was doing a psychic reading today, when my guides showed me a beautiful metaphor. I love using metaphors in my work because they make the information accessible and easy to understand for my clients.

This client is going through a big break-up. She still has some love for the old flame, but she had already – somewhat – moved on, finding a new love interest. The question was, “Should I pursue this new love interest?”

I was immediately shown an emptied cup of coffee or tea, with “sludge” at the bottom of the cup. I was told that this is your only cup, so you will need it for everything you wish to drink, including clear, fresh water.

But you don’t want to put fresh water on top of the sludge of the used cup. You won’t be able to fully enjoy a refreshing, satisfying cup of water when there are things floating around in it from your previous beverage.

So you must first wash and rinse the cup before pouring your new beverage. Only once the cup is clean, can the purity of the new beverage be fully tasted and enjoyed for what it is. As you cleanse the cup, you should be grateful that you have a vessel at all. Be grateful for the beverage you’ve just enjoyed – even if it may have been a bit bitter at the end, and prepare for something new and satisfying to come.

It made so much sense to the person I was reading, and she was grateful for the understanding. She said she would use patience, making sure she had fully cleansed her mind, body, and spirit of the old relationship – giving thanks for what she learned and enjoyed – before moving on to the next.

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