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When Healing Means Letting Go

I know that my relationship with this other person greatly effected my heart chakra and blocked my ability to speak my truth thoughtfully and precisely to them, really clogging up my throat center. But it wasn’t them I was thinking about during the guided meditation. I was purely focused on clearing space in my heart and throat energy centers because I need to make room for more love and expression.

Ugly People Force Us To Change

I had a tarot session with a friend/client a couple of weeks ago who was having a very difficult time with a person she worked with. My friend has been with her employer for over 10 years. A new co-worker came on board about a year ago, and she is apparently making everybody’s life a living hell at work. As my friend explained this other woman’s actions, I was appalled the employer hadn’t yet stepped in to stop this obvious workplace bully. All I can do is feel sorry for the ugliness coming from the other person.

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